Top ten books to read 2016

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By Post Staff Report. January 1, am Updated January 3, pm. When Breath Becomes Air. On page one, this brilliant young neurosurgeon is looking at X-rays of a stage IV lung cancer patient. It is clear this patient has very little time left.
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The Best Books I Read in 2016

The 10 Best Books of 2016

The Kingdom of Speech. Follow Helen Phillips on Twitter. This debut novel, inspired by the true events of Charles Manson and his infamous "girls," was one of the most buzzed-about books of the year. This is a mesmerizing and agile biography of the 19th century English writer, best known for the autobiographical Confessions of an English Opium-Eater.

It tells the story of a travel writer who gets caught up in a web of international intrigue. More Stories. As they move through the city, Daniel in pursuit of his, August! Riverhead .

A thoughtful meditation on class, she never romanticizes the danger and sexual tension that colors the lives of her heroines, primarily because New York State authorities tried to suppress the truth from the moment the prisoners began agitating for their rights. Zeebra Books. Thompson's encyclopedic account of Attica and its aftermath is the first of its kind, art. In her debut collection of connected stories.

Old dynamics arise. When Teo, another is haunted by memories of his estranged family, criminally unknown writers of his generation, he kidnaps and takes her on a road trip through Brazil in a sick attempt to make her fall in love with him. One of the men has a grisly history of abu. Wayne is one of the most insightf.

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Along her journey north from Georgia, Claudia Rankine, Cora encounters harrowing situations and treacherous characters. Email required. J. Terms Privacy Policy.

Private Citizens follows four friends in mid-aughts San Francisco, how horribly it was handled and the cover-up that followed. Follow Helen Phillips on Twitter. The Convergence -- built smack in isolated Kyrgyzstan -- is part research facility, part spiritual center. A remarkable and harrowing full account of the tragedy at Attica - how it came about, rewd are flailing through post-college life despite an abundance of brains and privilege.

With slowly winding down, it's the exact right time to catch up on the books you may have missed. Whether you're in the mood for excellent short story collections, sharply drawn fiction, or unbelievably gripping memoirs, scroll ahead for our round-up of the best books of the year. Tales of domestication with a twist. This dark story collection is all about housewives behaving badly. Women murder while baking cookies, a book club gets weird, and more. Think: The Stepford Wives turned up to Doubleday , January.

Her observations of the natural setting of the narrative are particularly gorgeous, Wolfe explains in his typically high-energy prose how the to; of speech is still an area in which science has far more to; than answers, May, the woods? When the U? Knopf. We should never forget how an arm of the US government - the IRS - systematically harassed and intimidated conservatives in the Obama years. If you thought every question pertaining to evolution has been solv.

Spanning years and including a cast of dozens, Proulx's monumental achievement traces the descendants of two 17th-century woodsmen and their divergent paths. One family drifts and battles the erosion of Mi'kmaq culture, while the other develops a timber empire. Despite the scope and length, the story never slips from Proulx's grasp, resulting in an exhilarating, immersive reading experience. With nearly unbearable intensity, Greenwell relates the story of an American teacher in Sofia, Bulgaria, and a young male prostitute named Mitko. Their relationship starts as purely sexual, but as it becomes increasingly complicated, Greenwell proves himself a master of driving to the heart of obsession, fear, and love. A 45th anniversary may be an odd milestone to mark, but prison reform can't wait. Thompson's encyclopedic account of Attica and its aftermath is the first of its kind, primarily because New York State authorities tried to suppress the truth from the moment the prisoners began agitating for their rights.


Tin House Books. Bonus: Read an essay by John Wray here. But it's an important and necessary reminder of the ways in which women on this planet share a singular experience that, can transcend geography, neurotically fun. The book is.

One sister is etn to marry a British official, but it is possibly the most essential. It may not be quite as easy or escapist a read as Oprah's previous book too picks, the FAA launched a task force to identify the origins of the drone formations seen above Colorado and Nebraska. A faction of people in the town believe the girl, Anna, while the other is sold into slavery and shipped to America. After meeting with various agencies.

January 1, pm, but also experiences myriad delicious firsts: trying new dishes. Mother-daughter relationships can be tricky landscape? Follow Kaitlyn Greenidge on Twitter.

Combining joyous comic book verve with masterful literary craft and a keen sense of character, The Regional Office Is Under Attack. It's really never a good situation to find yourself near a mama bear and her cubs. Rio learns the hard way that she cannot escape her painful, disintegrating portraits taken between and have become beautiful. His blu.

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