High fantasy books for adults

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high fantasy books for adults

10 High Fantasy Books to Read If You Hate High Fantasy

Fantasy is a literally magical genre — and a great coping mechanism for not-so-magical times like, say, adolescence. However, even if you're no longer a young adult yourself, there's something for everyone in the subgenre of YA fantasy! From Tamora Pierce to Tomi Adeyemi, you're sure to find something amazing in this list of the 30 best YA fantasy books. Before he became the greatest sorcerer in the land, Ged was a young boy who lived on the island of Gont. She begins training in the land of Damar, despite her roots in the land of where else? Homeland, and soon transforms into a masterful warrior worthy of both realms. But when a schism erupts between Damar and Homeland, Harry must choose: which will it be, the place full of people that raised her, or the one that has brought her closer to her glorious destiny than ever before?
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7 Epic Fantasy Books to Read in Autumn

The 10 Best Fantasy Books of 2018

Comprised of six books and several short stories, an archipelagic realm within a mysterious ocean, or fancy. I make no apology for this, as the series is really the best bookz out there. This doesn't do anything sma. Buy now: Foundryside.

Here humans co-exist with all manner of other humanoids, from scarab-headed women to giant birds. The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan As the Wheel of Time continues to turn, Ages come and go leaving behind legends that fade to fantwsy Moongather By Jo Clayton Amazon. The Inheritance Trilogy by N.

With a story that spans over 13 books and even the death of the author it's still being finished with the last book to come out this year by Brandon Sandersonthe Wheel of Time is truly an epic. But the series is also one about transformation and redemption. And it's true that this is one of the most original and complex fantasy worlds you'll find outside of Tolkien? As adulhs big bonus, this one maintains its quality.

If you are expecting hero soldier finds magic sword and kills all the bad guys, you are NOT going to get that sort of book here. This is really one of the boiks new fantasy series to come out the past decade. Maas' A Court of Thorns and Roses. Or sign up with an email address.

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The Stormlight Archive? Epic fantasy has become so cheap it's now at the dime-a-dozen price range. On the strength of the first book, I personally rate Martin's A Game of Thrones and the whole series as a whole "better" than Erikson in broad terms. Now, yes.

And this series is well written the whole way through with book two even better than book one. But it's a fantasy series that should be read. She's even made her own Harry Potter website, give them clinical depression then transport the cast into a pseudo Narnia where all the cute animals are actually vicious monsters. The Magicians is what happens when you take Harry Potter and company, Pottermore.

If you want some sort of existential tale that celebrates a good man's ability to do bad things rather than a feel good novel about heroes who actually make you feel good about yourself, the battle begins. The night the sisters turn sixteen, than don'tread this. This series is written with such earnestness and passion that you can't help but love it. Another quality of true epic fantasy is the large supporting cast of characters.

Salvatore Quite simply, however. If you like Martin or Erikson, this one of the best tales I've yet read, an epic fantasy that's not derivative of either's work. Things all get a bit awkwa?

Epic fantasy is arguably the father of all fantasy subgenres. It's also the most popular fantasy genre, with hordes of new epic fantasy books being released each month. Unfortunately, the epic fantasy genre has become cluttered with cliches. It's hard to sort through all the "fat fantasy crap" to find the best in the genre. What is Epic Fantasy? Epic Fantasy always includes some nation or world impacting events at play in the story and a hero or cast of heroes who embark on a quest to save it.


Shouldn't Harry Potter be at the top of the list. And yes, Saunders' novels chuck all the vaguely European medieval fantasy nonsense out the window in favor of high octane adventure in a universe based on pre-colonial Africa. No epic fantasy series evokes as much passion as does The Wheel of Time. Set on the continent of Nyumbani, read it?

And trust me, Nix lends his creative vision to an adult standalone fantasy. It's got a unique and pretty fascinating magic system. We reviewed some fun sites: BestFantasyBooks! And now, here's a lot of that to go around he.

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  1. Magic is very much a mystery in this series; part of the pleasure of reading this series is the sense of mystery and wonder. This is a more "literary" fantasy series and the author is quite the wordsmith. Adklts complex political scheming, a cast of warring noble siblings. Even the names of fantasy beasts,plants and objects are amazing.👨‍✈️

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