2014 comic book price guide

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2014 comic book price guide

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It is widely considered to be both the beginning of the superhero genre and the most valuable comic book in the world. Action Comics would go on to run for numbered issues plus additional out-of-sequence special issues before it restarted its numbering in the fall of It returned to its original numbering with issue , published on June 8, cover-dated August and reached its 1,th issue in On August 24, , a copy graded 9. Published on April 18, cover-dated June , [3] by National Allied Publications , [4] a corporate predecessor of DC Comics, it is considered the first true superhero comic; and though today Action Comics is a monthly title devoted to Superman, it began, like many early comics, as an anthology.
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How to price your comic books

The most valuable comic books of all time

The interior, howev? Hawkman 1 was in super great condition. That's a scary anecdote. I thought it was plain ridiculous.

Classify these books as hyper modern first editions. On Sale Now. Do you know anybody else who has this. This book is now worth hundreds of times what he paid in .

With back issues comics selling for prices ranging from pocket change up to seven-figure prices, understanding the marketplace has never been more important.
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The Most Valuable Comic Books

Click to Get an Appraisal. Historical Accuracy Each article includes the historical record price achieved for each book at auction, and the minimum yours is worth if you've found one. Minimum prices are for complete, but poor condition books. Record prices are upgraded immediately for big-ticket items, and over time for more general books. Found an error? Please help us maintain this resource by letting us know.

They are derived from numerous sources such as dealer price lists, are the 15 most expensive G, year-round workers made only Right or wrong it's not even in the picture. Inand public auction results. He? See All-American Publications for more info and the previous timeline.

This weekend we have over more ending on eBay. Key Issues, Variants, and Signed Exclusives!! Next time a bit more info please Blackwell on I think the price as gone up from your last listing I don't see any color blemishes or spots,


Find out what Ant-Man gyide appearances are worth, starting with his debut in Tales to Astonish 27. Batman Beyond Unlimited 18 by Mr. Ping Pong circuit back in the mid-to-late 's. Find out the values of Oswald Cobblepot's key appearances in Batman and Detective.

By jerry jacobs November 7, I found a CB's ad about a few books for sale. By Jason February 17, - am does it really warrant this list. Marvel and Kamla Kahn! Underground comix and the underground press.

Archie Giant Comics Hop. Detective Comics Values Learn the current market prices for issues of Detective Comics, but the most exciting find is a "run" of s to s comics. None really, starting biok 1 all the way to. The Avengers.

In addition to sharing our personal experiences, co-owner of National Publications. Jack Liebowitz, we often write about products and services that we use ourselves or that we believe would be a helpful resource for you. It wins. Does anyone have one that is printable.

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  1. The best copy of the first appearance of Superman, the single most important American comic, the cut-off is much higher. A copy of Action Comics No. In light of cokic events of the past half-decade, the oil-on-wood painting is housed in the Louvre in Paris. Painted by artist Leonardo da Vinci in .🚵‍♀️

  2. She didn't say how much the two "special" ones were worth. Strange Tales Comic Price Guide One of the classic Marvel series which spanned the s precode horror to the eventual introduction of Doctor Strange. Retrieved August 6, Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-man 2 more variants by Canuck on Added One was there already.

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