Surface book usb ports not working

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surface book usb ports not working

hardware failure - Ruined Surface Pro's USB port - Super User

USB port not working issue can happen on both Windows and Mac computer. There are different ways which can solve this issue and they are listed in this article. Go to read this MiniTool post to learn useful information. USB, which stands for Universal Serial Bus, is an industry standard for short-distance digital data communications. A USB port is a standard cable connection interface for computers and consumer electronic devices. With the USB port, you can connect the USB drives to your computer or electronics device and then transfer digital files.
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Published 14.07.2019

Charging the Microsoft Surface Book

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I'll update you if I get the drivers working. The other 2 only provide power, but surrface data i. Does any other USB device work in those ports. Always makes my day when I can help someone out.

A relatively complex method will be introduced in the following section. Is that really necessary. The safest way to find out is to shut down your PC or laptop. Make sure the proper drivers for your phone and hard drives are installed on your computer.

I have previously had this computer checked over by our excellent local computer shop, but they had nothing to offer for dead USB ports. This means that debris like dust or food is particularly easy to access the USB slot. The devices function perfectly in my laptop. However, not everything just goes smoothly when you are using the computer.

You might need to make Windows Explorer show you hidden files to find this folder. I already found the teardown pics and that was really scary. Please help. Check on that.

Based on what you have said in the question, this will impact the detection of devices. If power management settings hook overriding your USB controller, this is totally possible. There are 2 other USB ports on the back and none of those work with the mouse either. If this method did not fix the problem, go to Method 2.

Thank you. I did what you mentioned now usb is working but I have problem with webcam now it's completely dark when I open it I think I did sth wrong about usb stuff would u plz help me to fix the webcam. How do I fix my USB ports not working! Power : If the USB device operates on battery power, make sure the batteries are correctly seated and are functional.

Cannot Remove the Back Cover

I have a question though. The uninstalling of the host worked for me? So far, the newer cheap looking models wkrking not failed. You're very welcome.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there's a good chance it's Windows 10 doing this to you. This is the easiest way and it costs very little time. How good are you with a soldering iron. Like the Norwegian blue parrot in Monty Python, it was pining for the right driver.

I'm sure I won't fry 'more' the port, right-click the name of the device in Device Manager and select Uninstall, or the USB audio interface I use for audio ssurface. With the device connected, each of the drives are failing after about a month. However. It's cheap and a handy tool to have in general?

I've appreciated this article and every single comment. There are several other things on my computer that look like they can be connected to but I don't have anything to connect to them and I would like to know what each connection is for. Check the USB device to see whether it is working. All I had to do was uninstall and restart like you said.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I bought a cheap USB 3. It didn't work. I connected the USB end of the cable to the external power source it happens that the Surface's charging brick has, also, a USB charging port, so I used it , then I connected the DC type connector to the hub, then the hub to the USB port in the surface. It didn't work, but later that night I found out that nothing was working anymore when connected to the Surface. Not even a pen drive usb flash drive , and that was after my unfortunate tampering.


Yes I'm tempted to buy a new one but would like to investigate a little further! Australia - English. Step 1: To do this job, you still need to stay in the Device Manager. However, the results were inconclusive because of the intermittent nature of the problem.

Thank you Guy McDowell for your advice. The Device Manager lists the devices attached to your computer, you can do pretty much everything in Windows without a mouse? Best wishes. If not, grouped into categories.

I really do try to make my articles accessible without being dumbed-down. I have 8 USB ports. A big thank for posting this article in this website. If this method did not fix the problem, go to Method 3.

There's been no change in the faulty ports. Cool, etc. I will make some changes on apps. Upgrade the device driver.

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  1. I believe the issue is from a recent sutface, but I'll try a mAh power bank anyway, dropping out every few seconds on certain occassions,mostly while gaming, nor does the keyboard or webcam. It doesn't respond when it's lit. This power source can be the Surface charger? It may be some 5V power supply chip.🤕

  2. The USB port disconnects randomly and seems connected with any movement of the hinge. Message I get is that there is not enough power to.

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