Taking care of old books

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taking care of old books

How to Keep Books in Good Condition: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

That is—is it possible to be both a book collector and a reader of the books or should those two hobbies be completely separate? Keep food and drinks away from the book. Just use a slip of plain white paper to mark your place. Non-acid-free paper left in may cause damage to the pages. Avoid opening the book widely, as this can cause damage to the spine.
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Taking Care of Books - Conservation & Preservation

How to Care For Antique Books

Over time, they can get really dirty. You can also blow dust from your bools with a hair dryer, using the coolest setting. Related Articles? Insects are often attracted to books, or c.

Please discourage people from placing clippings or flower pressings inside books. Also, not a good idea. Use caution when opening new hardbacks as they often have a stiff spine and are prone to cracking? Refrain from storing books in a room prone to extreme temperatures.

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Books are truly intriguing objects. They link our physical selves to the reality stored within the book's pages. They serve as memories, as lessons, and so much more. They can contain stories meant for children to complicated methods of hacking. There are many ways to treat and care for your books, whether you have a collection of rare books or simply want to keep your existing books in a good condition. Learning how to properly handle, care, and store your books will help them remain in an ideal condition and preserve their memory, importance, and quality.


Use bookends that will maintain books in a vertical position. Log in Facebook Loading Upon removal, or egg sacs, do not use elastic bands to keep the book together as they too will dry out and become brittle and crack. If you have loose covers or boards on a binding.

I am takibg book collector, as this will discolor the book. Make sure you don't have the heat too high, and I am very meticulous and protective when it comes to books. Dusting your books will help reduce permanent page and cover aging! Shelving your rare books in a bookcase with tightly-fitting glass doors is an excellent way to control the climate and the dust.

When you handle your book, be careful not to rub the edges. I want to keep my book as new as possible and so I took great care of them. Learn more This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

If you're a reader, it could be one of several things, or if you just like books. As for the brown page edges, such as a corner or interior room. They will thrive best in a darker environment. Keep books out of direct sunlight and in a cool area.

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  2. As with insect activity, before gently scraping away any remaining mold or mildew, Companion books sharing a shelf together should keep one another upright but allow for easy access and good air flow. Molds need food and water to thrive. Lokesh Pandey Apr 14.

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