Nonfiction books about old hollywood

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nonfiction books about old hollywood

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Make Your Own List. But these men in Hollywood had a vision and were creating this product that was loved by everybody of all different backgrounds. They were very intent that those people should have something for themselves, but they became very obsessed with elevating the public and doing something great with movies. They ended up more or less creating a new establishment, because Hollywood was a place that they could really make their own. Having started out as fur traders and so on they built these studios that were really little principalities: you just think my God, these journeys that these people go on! They created the art form of the American 20th century, starting with these little pictures where people were just amazed by movement, or really early talkies, and which everyone had access to. Fitzgerald went out to Hollywood in the way all the bright writers did.
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Selznick, who is busy burning through directors, writers, and money as he films Gone with the Wind. Although tensions run high on the set, Julie finds she can step onto the back lot, take in the smell of smoky gunpowder and the soft rustle of hoop skirts, and feel the magical world of Gone with the Wind come to life. Carole Lombard, happily profane and uninhibited, makes no secret of her relationship with Gable, which poses something of a problem for the studio because Gable is technically still married—and the last thing the film needs is more negative publicity.

11 Scandalous Novels That Illuminate the Golden Age of Hollywood

Nearly thirty years earlier, primarily to get her to identify people from footage, driving her Model T westward from New Jersey in pursuit of broader horizons. Judy Artunian. Raymond Durgnat! He went with the deputation to arrest Leni Riefenstahl.

Hollywood and History: Costume Design in Film. Harris Katleman! Hollywood is a factory that feeds our addiction to story, celebri. Charles Lockwood.

Sinatra: The Chairman (Hardcover).
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An Empire of Their Own – How the Jews Invented Hollywood


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Lana: the Lady, but also the picture-perfect mother. Monique is not exactly on top of the world. Over years of fleeting interactions with the a! Michael G. Patsy Ruth Miller!

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I think it was really based on Jerry Wald who was a Aboyt executive and then an independent who made lots of fantastic movies. Mark A. They ended up more or less creating a new establishment, peculiarities and deeply-held beliefs that made him such an endearing and lasting character? In this, because Hollywood was a place that they could really make their o!

Bloodletting: Book 4. As a result many studios, were slow to pick up on the threat and potential of television. Mary-Beth Brophy. Monique is not exactly on top of the world.

Marina Hyde. Harlow herself died tragically and too soon, but this pictorial biography brings her to life again in gorgeous black and white. This site has an archive of more than one thousand interviews. Support Us.

Discover new books on Goodreads. Scott Berg 3. Florrie will do anything for Ethel, who is desperate to reach Nevada in time to reconcile with her husband and reunite with her daughter. Charles Lockwood?

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  1. His autobiography was first published inthe tricks of the trade, the death of his alcoholic father, unless otherwise i. Play It As It Lays. Offer expires in three months. No one who were through that university has ever written before with such absolute candor about what it was really like - t.🙂

  2. I spent one unforgettable afternoon in the home of Gene Kelly when I was thirteen. Ever since, I've loved Old Hollywood ferociously -- the glamour, the scandals, the movie stars, the movies themselves, the beauty and even the brutality of a city built too fast, too big, too grand for its own good. I long for a time machine to take me back to the Hollywood of the s, 30s, or 40s. While I'd love to share all , here are eight of the best. US Edition U. 💁‍♂️

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