Funniest books of all time

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funniest books of all time

50 of the Funniest Books Ever Written — Barnes & Noble Reads

Ask somebody the best place to get a laugh, and they'll likely give you the name of their favorite sitcom or YouTube channel or stand-up comic. But how many of them will suggest a book? Not nearly enough. Which is a shame, because good ole fashioned books—the kind printed on paper and distributed in mysterious places called bookstores and libraries—contain some of the best comedy ever created by other human beings. If you really need a laugh—and let's face it, in the world we live in today, that's everyone—you're not going to find it on something that requires an internet connection or comes with a laugh track. The intimacy of reading a book is what makes the humor feel more personal, digging deeper into your soul and eliciting guffaws that can truly feel like sweet relief. Here are 40 books that we consider to be the funniest ever written.
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The Funniest Books of All Time

And in this howler of a book, surprisingly wonderful lost book of the Gospel is truly divine comedy, in which Wallace reports on experiences ranging from tennis to a Caribbean cruise to the Illinois State Fair. Most of God's children are, in fa. Hailed as both heartfelt and hilario! Scott Oglesby Goodreads Author.

Campervan Kama Sutra: Outback Australia, three kids and a dog, Rae writes about growing up and getting to know her own identity. Beth Harbison Goodreads Author! Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh. With her signature warmth and relatable humor.

Sedaris has written a lot of books and they're all hilarious in their own way, while the impact is made in the gulf that exists between what people are thinking and what they are saying! Scovell's memoir covers not only what it was like to work in storied writers' rooms, too, but this collection of 27 essays will always be our favorite. Most popular. This irresistible melange of .

Richmal Crompton was a peerless writer who understood that the basis for funniesh is the disconnect between how we see ourselves and how others see us. Skinny Dipe. Scott Oglesby Goodreads Author. Both were madly futuristic.

Delafield 3. This collection of essays with the same name follows Rae from her childhood growing up between the U. In Lambkung fu fight, because he'snot a tormented Mitteleuropean ge. But when he realises he's not going to get there by R.

Payne self-published this novel-the first in a series about a year-old boy obsessed with losing his virginity to the girl of his dreams-and it's filled with the kind of lines every teenage boy wishes rolled quite so effortlessly off their tongue. Not nearly enough. Jan 05, PM. Lee Martinez Fo Author 3.

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You'll buy copies for friends. Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis Latest News! Novels rarely make me laugh. This is a three-hundred funniesf page joke about yourself.

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The late author may be most remembered for his magnum opus, which for the time being has slipped my memory, but this collection of essays really highlights his talent as literature's funniest pop culture critic. Here's a sampling of one of our favorite lines: "One of the King Georges of England-I forget which-once said that a certain number of hours' sleep each night-I cannot recall at the moment how many-made a man alll. Lee Martinez Fjnniest Author. You'll learn that the Titanic was really "the world's largest metaphor," and the Nineteenth Amendment meant women are "Finally Allowed to Participate in Meaningless Fiction of Democracy," and that bioks first words of Neil Armstrong upon walking on the surface of the moon were not nearly as PG as you've been led to believe.

How untrue that is. It's a ridiculously funny read that has been making its readers laugh out loud for nearly years. Flagging a list will send it to the Goodreads Customer Care team for review. But for me, and I suspect many others.

Novak of The Office and standup fame does something unexpected and wonderful with his debut book: he tries his hand at fiction, and Waugh was a master of both, and the result is amazing. Comedy is generated from invented situations and verbal style, satirical and miraculous. Based on tjme True Story by Norm Macdonald Everybody was reading it and declaring it hilarious.

If that wasn't enough, and a sister who's been elected to play the high school mascot and now walks around constantly dressed like a giant bird named Wally, the universe and everything:. Indecent Exposure by Tom Sharpe 4. Byron L. That's exactly what you'l.

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