Clutch book of bad decision

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clutch book of bad decision

Clutch Book of Bad Decisions

And so he came out on the road with us for three or four days, and his philosophy was just to put microphones in front of the cabinets, record the band all together in one room. It's a very simple thing that's kind of gotten lost in translation. And the album, listening to it now, I know it's gonna be a really honest and accurate portrayal of how [the songs] are gonna sound on stage. There's more of a wider range of tempos. There's more songs; there's 15 of 'em on there. At this point, I was so close to it for so long, I kind of can't see the forest for the trees; I have to take a step back to understand what this record is, if that makes any sense.
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As one of the most beloved acts in the American-rock underground for nearly three decades, it's fascinating how Maryland distortion lord CLUTCH can still go the extra mile to impress its fans. Powell traveled with CLUTCH on the road for a few days to get a feel for its ops, bringing to the table vintage amps and a back-to-basics slush.

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As is a bad habit for me I am writing this while once again listening to the Clutch album in question. Book of Bad Decisions is a tremendous album that seems to be making it impossible not to be productive when you are listening to it, which may not be the best description of a Rock album, but allow me to explain. The Rolling Stones may have almost perfected this effect in Paint it Black , a song more designed to smash up a bar to I have yet to hear. However as genius and impossible to ignore as that song maybe Clutch have managed to get that sense of perpetual activity and a rhythmic call to action to last the length of an album rather than a 4 minute song. I was also convinced that the entire album had been made with the same sound and that all of the tracks had blended into one another. I was very wrong.


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Earth Rocker Editor Rating. Anyway, given that I already have the tickets for a Clutch gig in December. The Greatest Alternative Singles of the '80s: Part 3: 60 - My usual critique of wanting to know what the band sound like live is even more the case here, the band still kicks ass and The Verdict was another killer release last year on Century Media.

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  1. Weathermaker Music. Since meeting in high-school in the early '90s and releasing their debut Transnational Speedway League , Clutch garnered an almost immediate reputation of being the paradigm of stoner blues. 🤩

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