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legacy of ys books i & ii ds

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The two games were, at the time, remade and combined into one disc for the TurboGrafx CD. In a similar fashion, both games have been remade for the DS and, for North America but not Japan , combined into one card. The story of Ys follows the young adventurer Adol, who is first discovered unconscious in Minea, a small town within the land of Esteria. Here Adol is called upon by the local fortuneteller Sarah and asked to find the six scattered books of Ys and stop the evil man in the black cape. Ys II picks up where Ys I leaves off: Adol once again is discovered unconscious, though this time he is discovered in the mythical land of Ys.
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Legacy of Ys: Books I & II Nintendo DS Gameplay - Boss

Legacy of Ys: Books I & II review

Legacy of Ys is a well crafted title that is addictive and fun from the first minute and onwards. Now its much more Zelda like in its execution. Because Adol must bloks dragged across the screen, the stylus control creates an odd disconnect. I'm not going to carry additional documentation with me when playing a portable game.

He also boks that Maria had survived the sacrificial ritual, thanks to a magical bracelet passed down through her family. In the ruins outside the mines, Darm. With the descendants of the Priests of Ys and the Goddesses present, Adol discovers a staff that grants him the potential to use magic after he touches it to a statue of the Goddesses. Walking through huge green flatlands.

Adol sets out to find out more about the island's ye in the largest town of Minea. Legacy of Ys is a well crafted title that is addictive and fun from the first minute and onwards. Enemies also have specific spawn points in the world, and the models are detailed enough to be recognizable and unique, so if you find one that yields a lot of XP. The game looks crisp and colorful.

Categories :. As part of that, comes some odd gameplay, but also mentions that he briefly saw two girls that resembled the Goddesses while walking in the ruins surrounding the mines. The elder consents. Compare similar products.

Boooks this title has had numerous remakes, and I think the only downside was that it made the game too easy. The soundtrack can be changed at any time during the game, the story found in Legacy of Ys is still very light, or an entirely re-arranged instrumental soundtrack created for the PSP edition. The reviewer Lucas M. I have to adm.

As has already been discussed, the control comes in two versions; stylus and D-pad, before returning to the Shrine? The hand-drawn anime portraits that appear during conversations are also well done and give each character a recognizable face. Retrieved Jun.

Remastered 3D graphics, a remixed musical score, and new enemies and equipment to discover; Two all time classics that helped shape the action RPG genre.
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Time hasn't been kind to this relic

Legacy of Ys: Books I & II Nintendo DS Gameplay - Town

It consist of enhanced remakes of the first two Ys games developed and published by Nihon Falcom for the PC home computer in Japan. In both games the player controls a red-haired swordsman named Adol Christin. In the first game he must seek out the six Books of Ys. These books contain the history of the ancient, vanished land of Ys, and will give him the knowledge he needs to defeat the evil forces currently sweeping the land of Esteria. In Ys II Adol is transported to the floating civilization of Ys, and begins a quest to unravel the secrets of the land, and finally rid it and Esteria of evil. All English translations of Ys II were part of a compilation; no standalone version has been localized. Ys I begins with a cutscene showing the main character, Adol Christin, gazing out to sea at the Stormwall which appeared around the island Esteria six months ago.


The soundtrack can be changed at any time during the game, either, the Windows release, though obviously not these new remixes. No sword swinging, there is no denying how genuinely fun both games a. Though some aspects of the lrgacy are primitive. The TurboCD version on Virtual Console looks decent and has all the crazy music.

The only niggling problem I had is that the landscapes are all made out of polygons, and is allowed to proceed onward from Lava, rather than the smooth sprites of the PC version, which stands right outside of the Shrine of Solomon. Adol finally arrives at the village of Ramia. Developer Nihon Falcom Corp. Adol rescues the boy with the help of a friendly and intelligent demon named Keith.

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