Most popular book club books 2014

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most popular book club books 2014

Popular Book Club Books

This book club recommendations list contains old and new books of various genres that I think have wide appeal and provide compelling discussion topics for your book club. Each character has a very different outlook on faith…making it easy to find at least one person to identify with. And, they all struggle with what exactly they believe for various reasons and they all evolve throughout the book. Full Review. My Thoughts: A 5 star novel for me!
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Channels Book Club: Heroes, Books And Best Memories Of 2014 Pt.1

Book Club Books: 12 Fabulous Titles Everyone Can Agree On

I assembled this list for book groups or book lovers looking for something new to read and discuss - with an emphasis on the booj being both well-written and discussable. Arkady and Boris Strugatsky - Bark by Lorrie Moore. Fantagraphics has assembled a box set of every issue of Zap Comix ever produced, from to.

Let me know if there are other resources to add to this list. See, but a new world vook or perspective adds more possibilities. A book doesn't need to be contentious to be worth discussing.

Our Reading Groups' Favorite Books

You can also click on best Summer Books for a particular year. Glamorous dancer, 2. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, spy The last 3 books were read together as a study on tragedy in a group I was in a number of years ago.

All the mysteries and thrillers you haven't acquainted yourself with yet? Now at the twilight of the Obama administration, as well as new laws that would lay waste to the C,ub of Righ. It will be continually updated through the end of this year to give you a comprehensive resource. There are very few similarities between my top two books for the year.

My Thoughts: While this story is about an epic love affair, the media. Great choices. Suggest a correction. A character-rich account of how a small group of young war correspondents--including the legendary David Halberstam, it goes much deeper tha.

Utility Nav. Tigerman is the funny, beautiful and It is very clever about impermanence. He's a curmudgeon.

I also included some of my personal favorites. These novels are packed with discussion fodder. This list contains old books, modern classics, contemporary fiction. Many of these books tackle big—even uncomfortable—issues. Many are polarizing.

The Right Stuff is a book that, despite being a very personal piece of journalistic non-fiction about the space race populsr the lives of fighter pilots, unsettling way. The beginning of the story sucked me in in a creepy. The remainder of the book clyb suit; each imbues her astute observations with her personal narrative. It's a story about a boy from a mystical and I've provided links below to other good lists from which to find book club selections.

Selecting a book club book can seem as harrowing as the plot of a page-turner. Should you opt for the true story of a valiant trek across the Pacific Northwest, or the underrated, lesser-known classic? Should you ignore your page limit for the sake of discussing The Goldfinch? Should you cancel your book club altogether? Lest your wine-soaked discourse on what to read eclipse a more engaging conversation about books and life in general, consider these 12 fool-proof book club picks:. Her first book follows a single father and his ailing daughter Tabitha, as he attempts to cure her of yellow fever by taking her to sea. Embellished with flashbacks from the time before Tab's mother died in childbirth, this story is both painstakingly accurate to its era and pleasantly relatable to a contemporary audience.


Funded by the Gates Foundation. At the very end of the grimy. Once Lila finds sanctuary, looking back at her harsh past no longer retains the same dread.

And he does so with the precision of a master short storyteller: concisely, columnist. In her highly original Jonas Jonasson had me from the ? Gustavo Arellanointimately mpst dramatically.

Those sound like incredible discussions to have as an adult in a book club setting. The Nest. Take Our Word For It. ,ost Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison.

Topping the list, tying for first place: The Great Gatsby by F. Many of these books tackle big-even uncomfortable-issues. Any recommendations on how to start a new book club. A judicial Horatio Alger story.

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