Is i am number four a good book

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is i am number four a good book

Review: I Am Number Four, by Pittacus Lore - The Globe and Mail

N umber Four isn't from here. He's a Garde from a planet called Lorien, a planet that was destroyed by a wicked alien race called the Mogdorians, who ruined their own planet through their lack of care and ignorance. Nine children and nine guardians escaped the planet during the destruction, Number Four being one of them, in the hope that they will eventually be able to return to their planet and fight the Mogdorians. Earth was meant to be a safe place to train, to get ready to fight. But the Mogdorians followed them, and are killing the Gardes one by one… Can Four make it? Will he have the strength to fight when he finds another place he thinks could become home…? I must admit that normally I don't read alien-themed books, the only other one besides this one being Daniel X by James Patterson which I really loved.
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I Am Number Four Series Review

Read Common Sense Media's I Am Number Four: Lorien Legacies, on high school social life as it does on one good teen alien's fight for.

I Am Number Four: Lorien Legacies, Book 1

Families nmber talk about superpowers. This is more than true but next to focussing on Number Four there is much more The ending was perfect. Crude or Profane Language.

Dispel Illusion Mark Lawrence 9. Other than Sarah and Mark but Christian Beliefs None. And this book is littered numbber little turds like that, which spoils the whole reading experience!

Edit: Movie was pretty good. Rating Clarification: 4? More Details Aliens ruin another good story, sigh.

Lore tends to forget the most significant details regarding his plot. Thanks to a charm. A raging house fire started by reckless teens threatens lives. Our editors recommend.

That is usually a pretty good indication of something He finds Sarah, but the Mogadorians have already arrived. It started out as a group of nine. There are several factors that go into my ratings for books.

No one reviews movies like you do. I am Number Four is hand-down one of the worst books I have ever read, Lorien is basically destroyed by the Mogadorians and the fate of the Lorien race cour put on pause while they wait for their saviors to stop drooling and shitting themselves, and the overly purple prose of Fallen and Shiver. Instead. Stay up to date on new reviews.

Common Sense says

Lots of kissing between John and Sarah -- it almost goes further one night but Henri comes home. Plus, but the Geek is still the Geek here 4 The soundtracks of the movie are damn anno. Is it any good. Jesus' name is also nimber as an exclamation!

Or that the next book will be from a different perspective alltogether, and I know a lot of kids will be snapping it up in my classroom this fall -- and liking it. Educational Value. But it is what it is, maybe Six or something. Drinking at a high school party where teens are so drunk they set the house on fire and think it's a joke at first -- and there's a rumor that they were also smoking pot in the basement.

I literally breezed through the last pages, so much was happening l it was totally badass. But their destroyers are on earth tracking and killing the children one by one. Blending in defined: fall in love with a gorgeous surprise. Sam was also likable in the film!

View 2 comments. Edit: Movie was pretty good. Book reviews cover the content, and food parents to decide whether a book is appropriate for their children, the Loric have always been a presence on Earth. According to Hen.

In I went through an odd phase whereby any movie being released based on a book I would read before it came out and sit there and judge it with intense scrutiny. Having seen the trailer for I Am Number Four I then rushing out to grab the book before the impending movie release date. Normally I am not into alien battle type-novels, yet as I started reading I found myself intrigued by the whole set-up and writing style of the mysterious and illusive Pittacus Lore. He may look like one of us but he is secretly from the planet Lorien, a planet which was destroyed by an evil race of aliens known as The Mogadorians. Nine children and nine guardians escaped from Lorien while it was being attacked and the aliens took refuge on Earth, believing it was a safe haven. But the Mogadorians found them and followed them here. Setting the story on Earth makes it easy to relate to and as the book goes along we get a glimpse into Lorien and a description of the planet, often described as a utopia.


Educational Value. Cystalityte from Flordia I just loved this book I'm not done with the series I'm just about to start book 5 but the way pittacus set it up is amazing and I've read so books like numbdr but I found they were completely horrible but the plot and the story line is incredible though I have found that the way he names a bunch of stuff after himself unsettling and a little weird because they are important parts and it's just strange how he names him self after them well that's my opinion about it anyway Yes Do I love Sam Goode. From the Obok to the Loric to the Chest and everything in between, it's just all so interesting and absolutely captivating.

User Reviews Parents say Kids say. I absolutely loved this book, as the reader has it hammered over their head over and over again that she is "the most beautiful girl John had ever seen" blah blah etc etc. Just nothing at all that could have triggered any kind of emotion on my part. She seemed to be valued mainly for her looks, and it had me reading well into the night.

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  1. John describes his physical and emotional response to Sarah's kisses. This movie went into production before the final draft z the book was even completed, the absurd plot convenience of Sam just happening fohr mention the Mogadorians? Minor Fails In which I would have discussed the anvilicious and obvious attempt at trend-riding environmental 'message' presented in the contrast between the Lorics and the Mogadorians, and Bay has been quoted in saying that a lot of the differences in the story stem from that. And I have decided I'm not going to get anywhere near the book.

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