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where to watch book of eli

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The Book of Eli stars Denzel Washington as a seemingly indestructible mystery man who's been walking for some 30 years across the ravaged landscape of a post-apocalyptic America, slicing and dicing the muggers and rapists he encounters along the way. Tucked away carefully inside his backpack is the last remaining copy of a book that a psychopathic mob leader played by Gary Oldman has been trying to get his hands on for the longest. Directed by Albert and Allen Hughes, The Book of Eli makes for a somewhat interesting watch, not least because it intersperses elaborate action scenes with long-winded sermons about faith. With so many biblical allegories and spiritual references tossed around the place, only the most inattentive viewers will need to actually see the book before they can figure out what coveted tome is the centre of dispute here. Shot starkly yet stylishly, the film packs in moments of bleak brutality that are hard to get out of your head -- like that chilling opening scene in which our grizzled hero astutely hunts a cat. There are a few flashes of wry humor too -- like the one in which Washington and a companion discover that the old couple offering them hospitality might have cannibalistic tendencies. But it's those two surprise twists in the end that save this film from turning into a predictable mess.
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Q: Why does Carnegie call the book Bible a weapon. Q: What is "The Book of Eli" about. Photo Gallery. He finds solace in a unique book which he carries on his person and guards closely, while surviving by hunting small animals and seeking goods in destroyed houses or vehicles to trade in villages for water and supplies.

Super Star Adventure Movies. Maybe if I Carnegie sends his gang into the wasteland to take the book from Eli, he finds himself on the run with his charge.

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