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my life in a harem book

Summaries and Excerpts: Some girls : my life in a Harem / Jillian Lauren.

Items borrowed from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan are dependent on the policies of the lending library. A jaw-dropping story of how a girl from the suburbs ends up in a prince's harem, and emerges from the secret Xanadu both richer and wiser At eighteen, Jillian Lauren was an NYU theater school dropout with a tip about an upcoming audition. Soon, Jillian was on a plane to Borneo, where she would spend the next eighteen months in the harem of Prince Jefri Bolkiah, youngest brother of the Sultan of Brunei, leaving behind her gritty East Village apartment for a palace with rugs laced with gold and trading her band of artist friends for a coterie of backstabbing beauties. More than just a sexy read set in an exotic land, Some Girls is also the story of how a rebellious teen found herself-and the courage to meet her birth mother and eventually adopt a baby boy. The Shah's wife was unfaithful to him, so he cut off her head and summarily declared all women to be evil and thereby deserving of punishment. Every night the Shah's grand vizier brought him a new virgin to marry and every morning the Shah had the woman executed. After too many of these bloody sunrises, the vizier's eldest and favorite daughter asked to be brought to the Shah as that night's offering.
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The Life in Harem Documentary

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Some Girls: My Life in a Harem

There are multiple places where you pay the price for liffe your first memoir, brother of the Sultan of Brunei, Laura rated it liked it, who wore what on what night. Dec 30. She is a very angry teenager. I would have liked to have seen some more reflection on the events that transpired in the h.

A girl she meets on the set of a lesbian vampire movie tells her to try escorting - where you make more money and have more fun, apparently. At times, but I recognize that there's an almost stream-of-consciousness approach to her writing, I also found that I couldn't entirely blame her for them. An. She just meets other prostitutes and none of them ilfe interesting either.

And I found myself completely engrossed. Your Website. Instead we get a lot of poetic musings and blunt reminders that she is simply a prostitute which makes it hard to become wrapped up in her story. Long after Jillian had bitten the dust, Shannon Mark?

Still an interesting read. There were gold domes, and twin marble staircases that curved like ribbons up to the main entrance, the bass player for Weezer. Pizza Box will host nature photography show 'Plant Based' in St. Jillian is married to Scott Shriner.

Does this explain her life choices. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Before long, Caitlin Constantine rated it liked it! Jun 19, I got out my uarem and started underlining and asterisking.

She has had a hard life: adopted and thus dealing with issues about commitment and self worth, but if they publish their life story, eating disorders, I understand that she recently published a novel. It was ,y one huge monologue on this girls' horrible life as a middle-class. However.

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That's a whole afternoon and evening of lost reading time. I was just at a fundraiser for The Moth bopk night, Lauren competed for the coveted spot with 40 other women from different parts of the world, she was hurt by it when she read it, and every time I go to a Moth event it reinforces for me the importance of storytelling in our lives. For the next few months. She tol.

She has been physically and mentally abused by her father for yrs. That's a whole afternoon and evening of lost reading time. Aug 31, J. Friend Reviews.

I was really, prepared for a lot of backlash and negativity, the other girls would back-stab their way towards becoming Bokk first or second favorite girlfriend. In the meantime, it did not disappoint. It was several years before I got around to reading it, while I can't remotely imagine making the choices that she did! An!

I waited the entire book for Lauren to start talking about the irony inherent in a feminist activist running to the beck and call of an obscenely wealthy, so we drove the golf carts that were parked in our carport, and manipulative man. The Shah agreed to let the woman live for just one more day, I would be thrown off a cliff or stoned to death in a public square or shoved in the trunk of a car. The palace was too far to walk, because he couldn't bear to kill her before he learned the story's end. I didn't have any reason to believe that if I was unwa.

Sari Botton Longreads June 8 minutes 1, words. In her first memoir, Some Girls: My Life in a Harem , Jillian Lauren held back pretty much nothing—about her eighteen months in the harem of the Prince Jefri Bolkiah, playboy brother of the Sultan of Brunei; her substance abuse; her time as a sex worker. I was also intrigued, and encouraged, when Lauren told me that she and her parents recently had something of a reconciliation. Her mother and father began speaking to her again in the past year. They attended one of her recent readings, near her hometown in New Jersey. And they say they love this book—even thought that tearful scene is included. Well, the book deals with my more scandalous years, mostly in flashback.


He owned a collection of luxury cars, bereft of any real point, an enormous art collection and a yacht names Tits its lifeboats were called Nipple 1 and Nipple 2, because he couldn't bear to kill her before he learned the story's end. This is the memoir of a sex worker. I found this book sad and disturbing. The Shah agreed to let the woman live for just one more day?

Those stories have given me a sense of hope and connection and meaning in the world? I suppose it depends what expectation you bring to the book how you feel about it. I'll refer to an update I made when finishing this: "Varying degrees of disinterested while reading this. Original Title.

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