Can i buy an audible book as a gift

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can i buy an audible book as a gift

Audible No Longer Lets Users Gift Credits, Only Memberships | The Digital Reader

Since , audiobooks have been downloaded with the greatest percent growth. According to a survey carried by Good E-Reader, downloaded audiobooks are increased by Are you one of the big fans of Audible audiobooks? And do you want to send one to your loved ones? To be honest, Audible books make pretty special gifts whether your recipient is an enthusiastic audiobook listener or a newbie at this, due to the convenience and entertainment these audiobooks will bring to them. Are you eager now to send your best friend an Audible book as a birthday gift?
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How to get FREE books on Audible (Legally)

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I loved this option, gidt when I heard a really good book I had to share. We all know that audiobooks downloaded from Amazon are only available on the Audible app. Learn how your comment data is processed. Aren't you attracted to it.

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Introducing “Send This Book”; a new Audible Feature

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I'd like to send one favorite audiobook to my best friend as a gift on her birthday. But I can't find the option "Send This Book" any more on the official website. Is it changed or did I do anything wrong? Audiobook is a new form of book which offers more convenience and enjoyment in acquiring knowledge. If you love someone, sending an Audible audiobook as a gift will not only make your friend to become better but also improve your relationship.


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