Best way to protect comic books

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best way to protect comic books

3 Ways to Preserve Your Comic Books - wikiHow

December 13, Self Storage Comic books are highly collectible and collecting them has evolved from an enjoyable hobby to a very big business. If they are in pristine condition, they can be extremely valuable. Therefore, it is not only important to package and prepare your comic books suitably for storage but to store them in an environment where temperature variations and humidity will not affect them. Your best option for a growing collection is to find a secure, reliable storage facility that features climate-controlled storage. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of smudging, soiling, and oil staining. Place individual comic books in polypropylene bags with acid-free packing boards.
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How to Protect Your Comic Books

But there are some simple steps every fan should take to store a comic book collection—to ensure it retains its value and can be enjoyed by the next generation.

How to Bag and Board Your Comic

If you purchase a comic already in a bag with a board, consider asking the dealer if he uses acid free boards? A third method is to put the comic book onto the board wat slide them into the bag together. Learn more about how to sell comic books with Quality Comix. Climate Controlled Storage.

On the plus side, the bag is very clear and makes your comic look nice in the glossy plastic. Related Articles? Most collectors like to put extremely valuable comics in the Mylar because of the fact that they are archival and they are inert. Be sure to keep the comics in a location that will be accessible when you want cmoic page through them.

Tips On How To Store Comic Books

The other type of way to store comics is in Mylar. The finished product is ready to be hung. The back shelf of a closet is perfect for long-term storage. An organization superhero, she named her company Gotham Organizers as a tribute to Batman's home town.

By using LiveAbout, you accept our. It costs a bit more than a bag and board, but prevents the book from damage or creasing if it is dropped and keeps the pages from bending. After all, some comics sell for thousands or even millions of dollars. Storage Plus of Bellville Highway 36 South.

Posted by Midtown Comics in. Hello Midtowners, this is Michael from the back issues department for another blog entry on protecting your collection. However, using larger bag and boards could prevent this. Look for signs of acid burn, tears, wrinkles, etc. Focusing on the key or money books might be a good start. If possible, keep your collection in a cool temperature room. Inside that bag and boarded comic book is a series of chemical reactions.

Together, the dynamic duo and their organizing team have taken on every organizing challenge presented! The sun is a source of UV ultraviolet radiation. They are built specifically prorect your book, or extra room for padding. Article Info This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. You can find them in long and short sizes.

The proper storage of comic books is not complex. After all, artifacts made of paper and ink are among the most durable objects ever devised by humanity. If a comic book is a physical object designed to transmit important information through visual media, then it is surely among the most indestructible forms ever made. Practically nothing that you can do to a comic book would significantly impact your ability to read it. However, that is probably not the only value that you were thinking of. You are probably thinking of the value to collectors, and as everyone knows, the more pristine and unblemished a comic is, the more money it might be worth to the very richest collectors.


Once you have put the comic book into the bag, which is why people love them so much that they hold value to collectors. Open the book just enough so you can read what is inside. Comic books should be stored in acid-free storage boxes that are specially designed to fit the size and width of your comics. Comics are a joy to read, just make sure the flaps are going to fold this way and it doesn't drop out so that you got it going the correct way.

Therefore, it is ;rotect only important to package and prepare your comic books suitably for storage but to store them in an environment where temperature variations and humidity will not affect them. Damage only occurs if the books are exposed to light and air. Caves tend to have a constant cool temperature, and no exposure to sunlight? Not available on transfers or additional spaces.

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