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Needless to say, many fans have Strong Opinions about this. Feel free to make your own list. This list reflects that slow change. Ventress is a former Sith apprentice turned bounty hunter whom the Jedi Council has decided would be a good partner for Jedi Quinlan Voss to work with in order to bring down Count Dooku. What follows is a sort of anti-romance story with plenty of action. Ventress is one of the fiercest characters in the new canon and is someone to be reckoned with.
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The Top Ten Essential Comic Star Wars Stories

20 Of The Best Star Wars Books For Fans To Read

Now, featuring galactic intrigue. The X-wing Series are some of the most popular books in the Star Wars Legends sfar, he needs to put together a new squadron to hold the New Republic military together while they try to eve the Imperial capit. One of the most famous parts of Star Wars where the readers watch not just how the relationships between Anakin and Padme develop. It seems like exploration in the Star Wars universe is stagnant!

Science fiction master Timothy Zahn changed that with the exceptional novel Outbound Flight. Your transmission has been received. In a while, there appeared an apprentice who wsrs everything from his master and even more. None of us will ever face the existential dread that permeates every aspect of Clone Trooper life.

Dark Disciple by Christie Golden.
after the crash book review

The Journey Continues

But on Dec. One of the best things about Star Wars is that the adventure doesn't end with the movies and TV shows. Things have become peaceful enough in the galaxy that many of the characters are taking time to focus on themselves for a change, but a new threat to the peace quickly changes that. As they deal with the Yevetha, a xenophobic alien species from the Koornacht Cluster, Luke Skywalker goes on a journey to discover information about his mother that of course leads nowhere. Raynar Thul returns as part of the hive mind of a nest of buglike aliens known as the Killiks, who are causing trouble along the Chiss border. Tatooine Ghost takes place closer to Return of the Jedi than the Black Fleet Crisis books and sees Leia traveling to Tatooine to obtain a painting embedded with an essential Rebel code up for auction.

The next piece of the Star Wars universe is about another evil character irresistibly depicted by Paul S. Han Solo returns to his home planet in this New Republic era book trilogy that sees the Corellian Sector in turmoil. Keep an eye on your inbox. It also has a little bit for everybody: Prequel fans will see how Ahsoka feels about losing her friendship with Anakin and Obi-Wan, high-rolling players having a good time. In The Last Jediand Original Trilogy fans will get a look into how she began working with but not within the early Rebel.

So you want to get more into the Star Wars Expanded Universe by reading the novels. Where to start? There are hundreds of novels. Some are awesome, but most are mediocre. Of course, new fans want to start with the best novels, but it's almost impossible to figure out which to get. Never fear intrepid Star Wars fans. We have already read a ton of those novels for you, sifted through them, and picked out the very best.


This was the old canon version of what happened during the time period covered by The Force Awakens. Unlike the movie, unusual direction, the New Republic is just setting up their new government. Thrawn trilogy - Timothy Zahn. Five years after the Battle of Endor.

Tag: books. Public Bdst. The next piece of the Star Wars universe is about another evil character irresistibly depicted by Paul S. The reader will find out how their relationships will develop, taking into account that one of them is a member of the Rebellion and the other is on the side of the Empire!

Pros The actions are exciting The style of writing is light-hearted and the plot is funny, so the book is easy to read. Please tell us why you don't like it. It might actually make you less bored during the political parts of the movies. It provides an in depth look at major characters and is one of the most comprehensive books in the star wars series.

Dozens of authors wrote hundreds of novels that explored the spaces around the films. We also get a glimpse into unexplored areas of the Star Wars universe. The Star Wars books are no exception. Cons The book cover has a picture of Palpatine, but his presence during the actions is quite rare The outcome is quite predictable.

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