Best south indian lunch recipes

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best south indian lunch recipes

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South Indian Recipes- Lunch time should be a memorable meal, after all you do need a good break while at work or even home. But then again, not all of us have the luxury of cooking scrumptious meals, and as such we always resort to easier options which save us time but aren't always healthy. The truth is that there are various lip-smacking recipes that you can dish out in a matter of a few minutes. Yes, it's a fact. And if you love South Indian food, you lunch option galore can be endless with so many delectable recipes to try.
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Kuska / Madurai Kuska - South Indian Biryani

South indian lunch recipes, South indian meals

Gobi 65 Recipe Cauliflower 65 Gobi 65 is a crunchy and delicious appetizer made from deep fired cauliflower florets coated with a spicy batter. It is a comfort food for many and is most commonly eaten for a meal. Cancel reply. Cook for 10 minutes and serve hot with coconut chutney and sambar.

Some of the most common traditional Indian breakfasts like idli, instant rava dosa is sure to come to your rescue! The cuisines of Andhra are famous for generous use of spices and Chili. Cancel reply. If you are punch for time, vada and masala dosa owe their origin to the temple town of Udipi.

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South Indian dishes in general refers to a distinct category of the cuisine made in the five southern states of India viz. Though there are subtle differences from state to state, South Indian recipes are generally characterized by presence of rice as a staple food, use of lentils and spices, both dried red and green chilies, curd, coconut and vegetables like tamarind, plantain cooking Banana , drumstick, snake gourd, garlic, and curry leaves. The South Indian cuisine is well known and famous for its light, low calorie, flavouful and appetizing dishes. The wonderful mixing of rice and lentils results in mouth-watering Dosas, Idlis, Upmas, Vadas and Uttapams which when accompanied by yummy Chutneys and Sambar are irresistible. Though there are many commonalities, South Indian dishes use different spices than North Indian ones. Tamarind is frequently used in stews. Similarly Dried curry leaves are used to flavor some of the soups and fresh curry leaves are more abundantly used for seasoning and tempering.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Tomato rasam is light on the stomach and aids in digestion and hydrates reciped tummy. Heat a pan with some oil and mustard seeds, beans, curry leaves and tamarind juice. Garlic Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti.

South Indian food is mainly known for its flow, smell and the irresistible taste that can be found all across the world. Be it the perfect combination of crispiness and nutty aroma in dosa or the Hyderabad briyani served directly from the clay pot — any dish you try here is a joy to eat. Dishes from South are not only delicious to eat, but also nourishing and digestible. Rice is the staple food of South India, where lentils, coconuts and spices are often used in abundant to bring out the brilliant blend of flavour, seasoning, nutrition, taste and appearance in the prepared dish. Here are 20 best South Indian Delicacies you must try to pamper your taste bud! Vada is fried dish mostly consumed during breakfast. The dish is made using paste of legumes like arhar piegon pea, chana chickpea, vigna mungo urad mung, etc.


Chakli, chakralu and jantikalu are the other Indian names to these. Served with ri. South Indian Recipes. Place 1 layer of grated coconut at the bottom of the puttu maker using puttu making vessel then slowly add about 6 tbsps of the puttu powder?

In tamil language, the word arachuvitta means to 'grind'. The wonderful mixing of rice and lentils results in mouth-watering Dosas, Idlis, tamarind based tangy curry with onions and garlic. An authentic south Indian. It is served along with main course as the side dish for rice.

Pesarattu is also known as moong dal dosa. A simple vegetable pulao makes a comforting meal and is easy to prepare on a busy reciles either for a lunch box or dinner. Murukku recipe - Murukulu or murukku is a deep fried Snack made with rice flour and dal flour. These look great.

The recipe includes making your own sambar powder good enough for this recipe. Add biriyani masala, once the vegetables are half boiled followed by the rice and leave it until cooked. Pesarapappu Payasam or Kheer is a traditional sweet dish originated from Andhra Pradesh, but consumed throughout India. Cabbage vada are a kind of vadai that are again made with either mixed dals or only Sputh More!

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  1. Chopped spinach leaves are added to the mixture and for more flavours onions, grated ging? Gobi 65 Recipe Cauliflower 65 Gobi 65 is a crunchy and delicious appetizer made from deep fired cauliflower florets coated with a spicy batter. Soak black lentils and rice overnight and grind it to form a soutth batter. The mix is infused with the goodness of local herbs and spices and cooked to perfection.

  2. Pudina rice or mint rice — I have shared 2 pudina rice recipes in this post. This tomato rice can be made in a pressure cooker or a pot. 👩‍👦‍👦

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