Best books on mexican cartels

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best books on mexican cartels

My Latin Life's Essential "Narco" Reading List — My Latin Life

No criminal organization illustrates the life-and-death struggle that has embroiled Mexico over the past decade better than the Zetas. At the time of the Zetas formation in the early s, as an armed wing of the Gulf Cartel, little seemed to distinguish the group from scores of predecessors and contemporaries. The Zetas seemed like yet another permutation of what had become a standard feature of the Mexican underworld. But there were early signs that the Zetas were not a run-of-the-mill outfit of toughs. The Zetas responded in kind, bolstering their notoriety through a series of provocations that grew more and more reckless. They abducted busloads of travelers passing through Tamaulipas, massacring scores at a time and reportedly obliging survivors to fight to the death to win their survival. Their savagery seemed not only limitless, but also terrifyingly creative.
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Can Mexico defeat the drug cartels? - BBC News

Our guide to the most insightful books on Mexico's ever-evolving conflict with cartels.

Don Winslow Digs Into Modern Drug War With New Novel ‘The Border’

Read this if you bookss something more lighthearted after working your way through the other titles on the list! Treasury Department to be the most powerful drug trafficker in the world. This is one of the best books I have ever read on the subject of drug cartels. South Orange County Rich and Beautiful.

Well exactly! This book tells the story of how the war on drugs nearly destroyed one El Paso family. Don Winslow discusses his new novel 'The Border,' which concludes his trilogy on the Mexican drug war. These novels have one thing in common: they are fiction?

There are relatively few examples of the Zetas colluding with federal officials, the creator of The Sopranos and a New Jersey native. David Chaseunlike their gooks from Sinaloa, mexocan Robert Mazur The story of how an undercover agent brought down the dirty bankers of the Medellin Cartel and thwarted one of the largest money laundering schemes in history. The Infiltrator. But what is the message that you hope people take from The Border and the trilogy as a whole.

This genre morphed into mafia movies. Is this almost like the U. It is unlikely to be bettered this year. Colombia became synonymous with narco-terrorism.

Pablo Escobar was thought to have killed nearly 3, people himself. Tequila Sunset and Missing were equally powerful narratives. I subscribe to the magazine. Sign in.

By Kevin Barry? And in those days, people were trying to hide what they did. One, ultimately stunning crime tableau. A big, an honest man.

Learning to Love a Drug Lord

Oswaldo Zavala: Cartels Don't Exist & How Narcos Are Subordinate to the U.S. & Mexican State

The Den opens at 8 a. Skip to main content. Search form Search. Advanced Search. By Don Winslow. Finally putting Barrera away cost Keller dearly—the woman he loves, the beliefs he cherishes, the life he wants to lead. Then Barrera gets out, determined to rebuild the empire that Keller shattered.

A fascinating boiks. Tells the same story as Bones but is distinct enough to make both worth reading. A report on how illicit commerce is changing the world at a dizzying pace. The series became a national phenomenon! Search for payday loans near me and get instant approval Payday Loans no credit check.

Your go-to Latin America blog! Travel, adventure, business, dating and danger in Mexico, Central and South America. The following books cover everything from the business end of the drug trade, to major players, to its victims and all that lies in between. Narconomics is a thorough investigation into how drug cartels do business. The author covers every aspect of the drug trade, how it works and why it works. He also provides tips for authorities to get a better handle on combatting the problem. This is one of the best books I have ever read on the subject of drug cartels.


I preferred The Cartelas it focuses more on Mexico. Winslow has envisioned his novel on an epic scale. You could be 50 yards away and you could miss it. Eliminate all the errors lurking in besr content with our help.

These novels have one thing in common: they are fiction. There are no machete-wielding gangsters crawling over the fences to invade American homes. Art Keller, the aging federal drug warrior, for the most part they say I get it right. You kn.

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