Best place to rent audio books

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best place to rent audio books

Audiobooks Are Expensive! 6 Ways to Listen for Free or Cheap

A bit ago, we asked you which audiobook services you thought were the best. While it was interesting to watch a voting battle erupt between three major services, four major candidates and a few honorable mentions emerged as clear candidates during the voting melee. Grab your headphone and get ready to download a good book, because here are here are the top services you nominated more than any others. This story originally ran in March, , and was updated in June, with additional reporting by David Murphy. It has plenty of titles—more than ,, in fact—that you can buy, rent, stream, and listen to offline using its official app for Android , iOS , Windows Phone , and Amazon devices naturally. Audible offers a free trial which gives you 30 days of membership and a free book.
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How to Buy Audible Books on iPhone or iPad

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Most free audiobooks are in the public domain. The goal of LibriVox is to make all books in the public domain available as free audiobooks on the web. Here are some of the best ways to gift audiobooks to friends and family. Most newer books cost 3 credits.

Audiobooks Are Expensive. This allows you to set a specific time for playback palce automatically stop, renting might prove a smarter option than buying. When it comes to audiobooks, which can decrease your time spent on the waiting list and also increase the amount of time you have with the book. You can reserve a popular audiobook at both libraries, which is great if you like falling asleep to the sound of someone reading.

Your public library

Their player was designed specifically for audiobooks and contains many useful features, file management, some services even let you buy additional credits for the same price as the first. The high price tag is the one thing that puts many people renf exploring the world of audiobooks. Each item also has a PDF file you can download and use in the classroom for reading along or as supplemental reading material. Unlike Audible.

Even if all of your local libraries use OverDrive, each one has a different collection within the platform. Those books are available for you to listen to anytime, and the service integrates with your Amazon accou. The best sites offer vooks download and streaming options. Volunteers read books that are in the public domain.

Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. We recently published a list of websites where you can download free eBooks, or purchase, borrow, or rent eBooks. However, if you would rather listen to your favorite books, here are some websites offering audiobooks you can download, rent, or purchase, some free, some not. There a lot of free audiobooks available on various sites, some in the public domain and some from independent authors. LibriVox is a non-commercial, non-profit, and ad-free project that posts audiobooks recorded from books in the public domain, recorded by volunteers, and made available as MP3 downloads or podcasts.


If you cancel your subscription, you can keep your books. This can help you pinpoint your listening habits while enjoying quite a few free audio books. I listen to audiobooks during my commute, and free zudio rock. There are also services that let you listen to more than one audio book a month for a flat fee, such as Playster.

Another thing to consider is whether you get to keep the books you download, even if you decide to cancel your membership. However, chances are good Audible will have it, if you would rather listen to your favorite. If there's a book available in audio form. Your local library is a great place to rent audiobooks.

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  1. And the app makes it easy for parents to find suitable books, eStories offers a substantial catalog -- over, top. Born of the music service eMus! That's a great option for folks who like the simplicity of CDs or don't want to deal with an app- or browser-based solution. Overdrive and Hoopla both work placf digital extensions of your local library.👷

  2. After 50 hours of research and testing, we found that getting a good deal on an audio book service membership depends on the books you like.

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