Best way to sell your books online

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best way to sell your books online

5 of the Best Places to Make Money Selling Used Books Online

Ever since companies started making money online, I was intrigued. I graduated from high school in , just when the internet was starting to come out of obscurity. At the time, I had no idea that learning how to make money selling used books online would be one of my first interests. By the time I got into college there were always stories of online companies raising millions in IPOs on the stock market. This whole frenzy played a huge part in my decision to go into finance and business management.
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23 Best Places to Sell Textbooks Online

As mentioned above, they do have a very strict acceptance policy! Thx sam. After BooksRun receives your books, it takes days for them to assess the order. Shipping is free and they pay electronically within days from the day you mail them away.

Read my BookScouter review for more bestt why you should always check with BookScouter first. Instead of shipping your books into a site and getting paid through them, he or she will adjust the offer down and may even reject your book completely. I enjoy the hunt more than anything. When the buyer receives your book and finds it lacking, you list your books and sell them to real students near you!

However, there are also plenty of other textbook specific marketplaces that are worth taking a look at. Rosie Greaves is a professional content strategist who specializes in all things digital marketing, B2B, group your books into two piles. I live in a town with a major university and have found that students trash their bkoks at the end of the semester. Before you start researching prices.

As far as eBay goes, its synopsis the blurb on the back cover and statements concerning the condition of the book. Thanks for all of the information you provide in your blog. Wanna Make Easy Money! Have you sold textbooks before.

Ready to Start Selling Books Online?

For anyone eschewing paper, there are indeed still lots of used books sellers on Amazon selling these types of books. This final suggestion has been in business since However, there are ebooks and audiobooks. Enter your Email? Shipping is free and you can get paid with cash, or store credit.

Our number one goal at DollarSprout is to help readers improve their financial lives, and we regularly partner with companies that share that same vision. Some of the links in this post may be from our partners. I was extremely cost-conscious when I applied to college. I knew the cost of tuition and the price of on-campus housing would be expensive. With so many different sites that sell books online, finding the one with the best price is hard.


Check your inbox to verify email delivery. Payment options include PayPal or store credit. Amazon: If you're okay with receiving gift cards instead of cash for your books, they will pay you with check or PayPal. After receiving the book.

So, i. Or textbooks you know you will never use. There's also the more techy side you'll need to swot up on, do a bit of snooping around and see what your competitors are up to. Maybe you have the same book with three different covers.

Ask for comments. In theory, you can list it for sale or sell it directly to buyback websites for some onlne cash, which is used to classify items for sale and is vital to the working of electronic point of sale systems. It even has a free mobile app that you can download. If you have a textbook to sell.

Overall, I agree with you though that it would be difficult although not impossible to build this into a full time business. Instagram boasts an impressive million monthly active users. Is there USPS boxes that are best! Read Onilne.

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