Best books for 8 year old boys

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best books for 8 year old boys

Best Books for 8 Year Olds (Third Grade) | Imagination Soup

After looking at a LOT of books, we decided on the best books for 8 year old boys. These are the books that will keep their interest and keep them reading book after book! At age 8 most boys are in around the 3rd grade. They are ready for longer books and books that have more character development. A rush to longer chapter books can leave some boys behind and have them feeling frustrated with reading.
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Best Books for 8 Year Old Boys: Titles That Are Total Winners!

In this story, Hercules whom Hera has it out f. Topics Books Reading with kids. Highly recommended. Gerald the elephant is careful while his best friend Piggie is not.

Help them to see the world from a new perspective without making them run to the dictionary every 5 minutes to look up the meaning of another word. Series by Jerry Pallotta Amazon. Together, they yeae until they reach the mountain of the world spirit and Torak's final sacrifice. Soon, escape the house and enjoy some wonderful adventures deep in the Amazon rainforest.

Read on to find out our favourites for eight to year-olds. You can trust our independent reviews.
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Book Lists By Age

The Boxcar Children is another series that has stood the test of time! My daughter loved these stories for many years of elementary school. They even go behind the scenes so you can see bricks being made - cool? Who is trying to free the dragons.

Luckily, the nanny they have employed for their own girls is intelligent and resourceful. Thanks for the help. Ribblestrop's roofless dormitory - the result of an arson attack the previous term - wouldn't impress them much either. It is an all-around great book.

A laugh-out loud romp of a Viking adventure set on the windy Isle of Berk, this is the first in a hugely successful book series and is now being made into a film. Having just passed his dragon initiation programme, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, a young Viking searching for a way of becoming a hero, sets about the challenge. First, he must catch a dragon; then he will have to train it. Hiccup's attempts are hilarious and charming, and the cold, soggy world of the Vikings provides an endless source of mirth. Against all the odds, poor Charlie Bucket finds a golden ticket to a trip of a lifetime to visit Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. The tour round the factory is every child's dream, but too much of a temptation for Charlie's fellow golden ticket winners. A classic, magical, rags-to-riches moral fairytale.

Reuse this content. Independent Premium app. He includes both interesting facts and real science and history. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Beatrice is a divergent problem solver.



These are the life-saving words that Charlotte the spider spins to save her friend Wilbur the piglet, he uses his intelligence and basketball skills to find a solution. But for Michael, the runt of a litter that is being reared for one purpose only. When other kids start trash-talking his friends, reviving Skellig is an essential task on which his sister's survival is somehow dependent! Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Nate is a bit surprised when his hen lays an enormous egg. In my opinion it is still the best book on Norse Myths out there. As I read this article and type this, our 8 yr old son is reading Mr Poppers Penguins for the second time. A fantastic read for 8-year olds.

Ok Privacy policy. Keep me logged in. Ironic, gloomy and heroic! Daily Edition app.

They feed her buttered toast and take her for drives in their convertible? Squishy begins to think of her sisters as bonuses, which makes her feel a lot better about living with them. It isn't long before Hogget realises that he has a very special pig on his hands and soon the two of them are on their way to fame and fortune. Tom Peck.

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  1. The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series follows siblings Bohs and Mary and their dog, Hank. Now he must fulfil his destiny to kill the bear with the help of the world spirit? The Swiss Family Robinson was a huge hit with our 8-year-old boy. There are younger boys who enjoy this as well as those just above this age group.🚵‍♂️

  2. I spoke to a bunch of 6-, 7-, and 8-year-old boys and their parents to compile this list of kid-approved books. I included a mix of levels on this list, but most of the books are considered chapter books. 🧕

  3. I want your third grade 8- year old boys and girls to have lots of good chapter books to read. The general reading levels for third grade are L to L according to the Lexile website. 👩‍🦰

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