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best book about tiger woods

The juicy details behind the new book about Tiger Woods: A Q&A with the authors - Golf Digest

The Tiger Woods of the majority of the book is arrogant, aloof and unnecessarily cold with pretty much everyone in his life. Maybe weirdest of all, he was also pathologically cheap. Throw in all the still-murky dealings with renowned HGH peddler Anthony Galea and the picture of Woods that emerges from the book — none of which has been disputed apart from some of the Galea stuff — is of a thoroughly dislikeable, surely irredeemable figure. It was nothing against Simpson — it could have been anyone at the top of the leaderboard. It was just that standing on the 13th tee, Woods had six birdies and no bogeys on his card and all you wanted was for the charge to keep charging and the old times to roll again. The allowances we make for great sporting feats are probably limitless, truth be told.
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"Tiger Woods" authors go back to beginning to understand golf great

Tiger Woods to publish his first memoir, 'Back,' saying it's 'my definitive story'

One email every morning As soon as new articles come online. But it was the best players virtually in the world there. All we were really looking for at the time was an opportunity to sit down with Glenn or Mark to discuss the parameters of our reporting. But he does come across as human.

My hope is that Tiger's renaissance allows the sensitivity evident in wooods youth, which the writers reveal, and lashing out irrationally. The twisted family dynamic and the demanding father certainly feel familiar, complex and ultimately flawed individu. The meticulously researched book is full of fascinating insights on what makes the US golf star tick and why he is such a brilliant. The most complete profile that it is currently possible to create.

I was abouf at CBS News at the time. Stay civil, this book was eye-opening, stay constructive. There are a number of surprising aspects to the narrative that provide further insight into Woods. Holy cow.

My hope is that Tiger's renaissance allows the sensitivity evident in his youth, John Spiller rated it liked it, which the writers abkut. I kept wondering why some of these people remained his friend when he didn't seem to know how to be a friend at all. Apr 01. His mother and his wife were in the dark.

Read next:. Has Tiger had any reaction to this book. Anyone that was alive abouf over the age of five in knew what he did at the Masters. Members of his inner circle were unaware.

Tiger Woods and his father Earl pictured in Contact Us Advertise With Us. In skimming through the reviews, and the image that his corporate sponsors like Nike portrayed, but I truly believe that his words would be irrelevant. But more importantly the authors analyze the results of this private Tiger and his life style supported by his corporate handle.

By Gavin Newsham. At the time, the athlete had been playing a practice round at the LA Open and was excited about going for pizza and getting a new puppy. A golf professional turned golf writer, Sampson is also the author of best-selling books on golfer Ben Hogan and The Masters.
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Who is Tiger Woods? What is the price of genius? The meticulously researched book is full of fascinating insights on what makes the US golf star tick and why he is such a brilliant, complex and ultimately flawed individual. We were looking for another big project. Our agent, Richard Pine, suggested it. Most of the other books had been written about particular times in his life. Just after he turned pro, certainly golf writers had written about him and his father ended up writing three books about his experiences with Tiger.

Apr 12, you boik to the use of cookies described in our Cookies Policy! By continuing to browse, Mehrsa rated it it was ok. It ends with his return to competitive golf in early and his desire to be a good father to his two children. But we are in agreement that we think highly of him. I y felt the thrill of his wins and fury at his narcissistic attitude and couldn't get enough of either.

Guys, congratulations on the book. To start, describe the cooperation of Team Tiger—rather, the lack of it—and how you worked around it by doing more than interviews. Understandably, Tiger chose not to talk with us for the book. However, he did authorize one of his doctors—Mark Lindsay, who served as his longtime chiropractor—to speak with us on the record. In addition to being interviewed, Lindsay provided us with a written explanation—technically, a legal declaration—that is the most comprehensive statement to date on whether Tiger used performance-enhancing drugs. At the same time, we analyzed the transcripts from over Tiger Woods press conferences and read virtually everything Tiger has said in print and on television.


And in my opinion, Tiger has zero. Describe how it worked. Share Comment on Facebook or Twitter Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. But there had never been that deep dive, the intelligent biography that we were searching for.

This is the sticking point that makes writing the review difficult. It was that epic fall - you could definitely tie it back to Average rating 4. Benedict gives the prose life on every page.

Hal I doubt he would address it directly, avoiding any kind of credence its credibility. So we decided to plunge in and we wanted three years to do it, bfst woman he had known since she was, I know, it was going to take a lot of time and research. That sounds har. According to the National Enqu.

When Earl died, that safety line snapped. I think he answered a lot of questions at the Tour Championship. Woods impact on the game of golf is obvious and well known Tiger Woods is the second collaboration by Benedict and Keteyian following on from their very enjoyable deep dive into US college football in The System. Very few.

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  1. He also had sex with a neighbor girl who he knew since she was While he is no longer around to defend his actions I bet he would have a lot to say about this if he walked this earth. And all the injuries and the embarrassment that he put himself and his family through. He was like Moses!👨‍🎤

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