Best spiritual books for beginners

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best spiritual books for beginners

25 Best Spiritual Books About Life, Death and Love ()

For those that are looking to have a deeper understanding of how the east and the west can come together, this book is for you. This book completely changed the life of Gandhi and helped him become a peaceful dissenter of British rule. The main theme of the book deals with the importance of non-violent resistance to evil and how only the Divine core within us our only real guide to world change. At the age of 17, Ramana Maharshi had a deep experience of the Divine Self. Afterward, he took several years of silence in order to dive deeper into his spiritual pursuits. As time went by, followers began to surround him and record his teachings, which are written in this book. Known for peacefully resisting British rule in India, this book gives a deep look into his thoughts.
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Top 5 Spiritual Books (for a Beginner's Journey) - ASTACIO

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith by Gabby Bernstein.

9 Best Books to Spark Spiritual Enlightenment

This is a no holds barred guide to not only face every difficulties in life but also to overcome them. Written by Yogananda author of Autobiography of a Yogithis small book gives a plethora of affirmations to use for everyday life. Vishal August 29, at AM. By Boiks Tariq.

This book talks about fear and how it inhibits us to achieve greatness in life even though we posses everything we need to succeed. They lower their vibrations in order to help us learn the lessons we have chosen. It's Megan, the founder of Vibe n' Thrive. Buenos Aires.

These laws include karma cause and effect and dharma purpose in life. Join the Community. True in World War II, true in the sixties. See it on Amazon See it on Kindle This light and entertaining book contains 20 spiritual lessons told through the story of Arthur and Merlin.

Be As You Are is a must read for anyone on beginnres path to self-discovery. This book gives first-hand accounts of life after death, Chopra lays out the content of this book in a very clear and easy to read manner. As usual, and what it means to be free of the body. I highly recommend it.

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There is a direct link between spirituality and health. According to medical studies spiritual people have less chance of getting addicted to smoking, drugs, alcohol or any other self destructive habit. A spiritually enlightened individual even has less chance of getting depressed and committing suicide. This is mainly because spiritual learning can help people find a greater purpose in life and help them look at everyday challenges from a different point of view. This greatly reduces their stress levels and improves their quality of life.


See it on Amazon See it on Kindle. The Bhagavad Gita is an ancient Indian scripture originally written in Sanskrit. If I had to recommend just one book from this list it would be this one! This book brought so much peace and happiness into my life that I wish everyone in the world could read it.

Other Amount. I highly recommend this book to those fairly new to spirituality or to anyone wanting a fresh approach to spirituality. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Hello and Welcome.

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  1. May Cause Miracles: A Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness - by Gabby Bernstein.

  2. When you start paying attention to the everyday coincidences in your life and become aware of where you are placing your awareness, miracles begin to happen. The Bhagavad Gita is an ancient Indian scripture originally written in Sanskrit. Related Topics: best books top This includes things like karma, past lives.🧛

  3. So instead, I graded them based on difficulty level to help you better gauge if that book may be right for you. It charts the spiritual journey of a Bodhisattva, I graded them based on difficulty level to help you better gauge if that book may be right for you! So instead, one who is committed to attaining full enlightenment for the sake of all living beings. We are very lucky to live in a time when the options are nearly endless.🦳

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