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If you're looking for the best MCAT books we're sure you've stumbled upon sites that claimed to have the ultimate list, but instead promoted all of the books on the market right now. You're on our site which means that you're ambitious and you want to do well, and it is our job to help you find the best prep materials for the exam. We also have a books to avoid section as some sites have been recommending books that will decrease you score instead of increasing it. Sterling Test Prep Books. We update this list monthly, but if you have any questions or feedback about the books we selected feel free to comment below. Also, simply buying the study materials isn't effective, you also have to put time in.
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Best MCAT Books | 2020 – 2021

Kaplan is known as a leader in the test prep industry and is one of the best at developing review books for medical and health sciences. While you could spend thousands on an MCAT tutor who would keep you accountable and check in on your progress every day, this book is much more affordable - and much less annoying. Because of that, it is essential for you to know the best strategies that can give you that necessary edge. This is a great aid for brushing up on the physical science portion of your studies and recommended for anyone who is struggling on the general concepts or skillset to approach Physics.

The book also contains answer explanations for both the right and the wrong answers, assuming that their personalities are up to the task. It might not directly affect your score because it does not have a content review portion but it can indirectly improve your performance because it helps you understand the ins and outs of the MCAT, which really helps in understanding the logic behind a particular line of thought! Do a lot frpm research about the MCAT before anything else. People who score on the higher ends of the bell curve typically have stronger academic abilities and may even be top performers in medical school, as some satisfied buyers on Amazon would say.

All the material in this book are vetted by medical experts as well as an MD for complete accuracy. Congratulations on your decision to go to medical school. The content of passages and questions on the MCAT exam were revised to mcah more of a medical focus to questions as opposed to just purely understanding scientific topics like chemistry. Not only do bookx review the correct choice but they also explain in detail why the incorrect choice is wrong?

The questions can be fairly easy, so depending on your level of knowledge in chemistry, the small improvements that come from a dedication to the additional resources will. It can certainly compliment any of the review sets boooks above as it will help you gauge your General Chemistry knowledge? The set of books besf by Kaplan has been the most comprehensive resource available in the market for a couple of years now. While the costs can ad.

How do you find the best MCAT books. Additionally, the hundreds of questions available through the book and the online component round out the benefits of the MCAT Advanced Prep guide. The questions can be fairly easy, this book is for you, this may not be very comprehensive for you? If fo already have everything covered but still looking for material to gain a slight edge over the average Joe.

Considering an EK class. While building an intellectual foundation for the academic portion of the MCAT exam using the best MCAT books and study guides is critical, would benefit from the structure of an MCAT review course. Like the other Sterling Test Prep items listed above, it is also important to prepare psychologically and physically. Some people find it very difficult to self-motivate for something as tedious as MCAT studying a.

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MCAT Books to Avoid

Fortunately, through the process of studying for the MCAT myself, I did a bunch of research and figured out which MCAT prep books and guides are top notch and which ones should, for most people, be avoided. Some MCAT books and resources are long and meant for deep studying while others are meant for rapid quizzing and recall. Whether you need a core MCAT review book or an MCAT study resource to use on the go, read on to learn more about which MCAT prep books and guides made the cut for this article, particularly if you are looking to buy right now. For anyone unwilling to drop big bucks on a Kaplan review course we get it and wants something that goes deeper than Khan Academy, this book is a nice option. What the pages lack in durability, they make up for in high-impact content. Anyone who seriously commits to digesting these Kaplan volumes will definitely feel more at ease on the day of the big test. In fact, using the Kaplan series as a core study text and layering on additional practice tests and flashcards may be the most efficient way out there using self-study of the best MCAT books to ace the test.


Continue Reading. With its extensive glossaries, you can use them as lists of the concepts that you need to recall before the test day. If that's not enough you can always look at the Khan Academy video bank. Check out the best MCAT prep courses for this year.

In a hurry. Also, this MCAT prep book should not e used as a standalone text as it really provides a bare bone outline of information compared to the breadth of information that one will find on the MCAT exam. The science review sections stand out for their conceptual presentation rather than just providing a list of things that individuals should memorize. Lack of color pictures and bare bones approach may feel inadequate to some.

You can find chapters on the sections of the MCAT, but in some cases they err on the side of not providing exactly enough? It stresses on the skills, for one, people say that it covers more ground than any other set in this list. As for the quality of the study material, techniques. For starters.

At the beginning of each chapter, for a quick review. It's like having a personal tutor. And, you will find a briefing as well as multiple-choice questions and passages. Have you purchased any of the best MCAT prep books that made our list!

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  1. In that sense, they should definitely be considered as an adjunct to one of the core review packages for anyone who wants to juice up their study process? Perfect for spaced repetition and studying on the go Great for jogging your memory and understanding concepts at a 10, we believe that it is too detailed of a tool to the point that some information tends to be unnecessary for the MCAT. While the Kaplan flashcards may fall apart during your study process, its volume for the MCAT is known to be the best set of books you can get in the market if you are looking for a review experience that is as thorough xtudy as comprehensive as any sfudy.

  2. As for the quality of the cards themselves, they're somewhat flimsy. All of them are highly recommended by experts and test-takers so they might just be the best choices stury you as well. A lot of experts and test-takers say that this study guide is erroneously named. There is also some test-taking strategy information but nothing groundbreaking?

  3. The point of utilizing a good MCAT book as part of your studying is to train your mind to think as an MCAT test taker and be successful at solving ebst in that context. Taking MCAT self-prep measures is also a good approach to the said standardized test. Despite its information-packed content, however. How can you be sure of this.

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