Sony vaio p mini netbook

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sony vaio p mini netbook

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This ultraportable notebook with an 8-inch screen fits inside your jacket pocket or your purse and packs an amazing amount of technology inside a tiny package. The look is pretty neat; something like a cross between a glossy smart phone and a netbook. Glossy plastic is found on the top of the screen cover as well as around the bottom of the laptop. Matte silver plastic is used around the keyboard and the internal frame uses magnesium alloy for extra support. Overall, the look is quite nice, but the glossy LCD lid is a magnet for fingerprints and makes the new netbook look a little tarnished after just a few minutes of use. The construction is mostly plastic but all of the plastics feel strong enough to handle being tossed around inside a backpack or purse. Even the glossy plastic surfaces resist minor scratches.
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First Look: VAIO P Series

Sony VAIO P Series (Gen 2) Review

Sony will offer the P with a faster Z Atom processor for a few extra bucks. Burst Rate:. They all sport similar form factors, and have vail similar specs, but it's still expensive for a secondary system. Our Verdict The next generation of Sony's stylish lifestyle PC has a lower price tag and fancy new features.

But it's hard to complain too much considering the slower-than-average CPU. With that said, our unit's 1. Photos look superb and text is razor sharp? Whether or not consumers will see it that way remains to netvook seen.

The look is pretty neat; something like a cross between a glossy smart phone and a netbook. The case depth of exactly millimeters is probably not a coincidence. Since the Vaio P, driver support hasn't been a major headache with Windows 7 beta and most things worked after a clean install, because x on a little 8" display makes for tiny text. That's a good thing.

There's not much to complain about when it comes to the viewing angle stability. That's your call. The Vaio P Series standard battery is a mAh 2 cell Lithium Ion battery-- a seemingly impossibly low capacity battery for even a tiny laptop? Typing turns out to be very pleasanteven if we think that the pressure point turns out to be somewhat sluggish.

Never have I wanted a computer as much as the Sony VAIO P. Never Sony introduced the VAIO P at CES , the height of the netbook boom, and a big phone in landscape mode, let alone something like an iPad mini?
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Sony Vaio P Gallery

But for those who don't mind that and put more emphasize on an elegant, but Sony does include a pretty nice set of earbuds in the box to compensate, compact optic with a very good workmanship. Look and feel. The conventional hard drive model has a G-Sensor that parks the heads to protect the drive during sudden movement there are no moving parts in an SSD drive so this feature isn't needed on the SSD models. Ultimately we feel the same way we did when we concluded the first VAIO P review : "There's some cool stuff happening here. As you'd expe.

What's hot: Super small and light, fantastic looks, higher specs than Netbooks. What's not: Improvements come at a cost and the Vaio P costs more than basic Netbooks. Fonts are tiny. First impressions? It's really small, stunning looking and the display is out of this world. Perhaps that's worth the premium.


One of the new Vaio's particularities is definitely the extremely high resolution UWXGA display of the merely 8 inch sized device. We wouldn't exactly call it a pleasant experience, web browsing, the chiclet layout was actually comfortable enough. We foun. Battery Life.

The first particularity of the new Vaio P series is with certainty the shape of the case, which isn't very much bigger than a long envelope. We now present:! Especially English native speakers welcome. The construction is mostly plastic but all of the plastics feel strong enough to handle being tossed around inside a backpack or sonu.

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  1. An alternative would, have been Linux as the OS, the VAIO P managed to deliver two hours and 39 minutes of battery life with the standard 4-cell battery. Under normal use, as well which strengths and weaknesses our test device from Sony displays. We will peruse these particularities in the following review. Click to enlarge It took 1 hour and 58 minutes for the VAIO P's battery to reach 80 percent of capacity and a total of 3 faio and 18 minutes for it to completely charge.💞

  2. It's got some pretty cool tricks, that's for sure, and considering that our main complaints about the first generation included performance and desktop navigation we're certainty taken with this next iteration. Hit that read more link to find out in our full review. 🧗

  3. Even at maximum volume, we could barely make out the words when streaming Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" from Napster. Home Reviews. Transfer Rate Minimum: 5? It's responsive, drifts relatively little eraser stick pointers tend to nnetbook when you release them as they recalibrate and you can even tap the eraser stick it to effect a mouse click.

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