Dictionary of demons and deities in the bible pdf

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dictionary of demons and deities in the bible pdf

Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible PDF

In order to utilize all of the features of this web site, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. The Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible is the single major work of reference on the gods, angels, demons, spirits and semi-divine heroes whose names occur in the biblical books. First published in and chosen by Choice as Best Reference Work of , it is now republished in a new extensively revised edition. Arranged in the order of the Latin alphabet, the more than four-hundred names are those found in the books of the Hebrew and the Greek Bible, Old and New Testament, including the Apocrypha. There are entries on divine names recognized as such by the biblical authors; divine names in theophoric toponyms and anthroponyms; secular terms which occur as divine names in neighbouring civilizations, conjectural divine names, at times based on textual emendation, proposed by modern scholarship; and humans who acquired a semi-divine status in tradition. A typical entry contains a discussion of the pertinent name, its meaning, the religio-historical background, relevant biblical passages and an up-to-date bibliography. Owing to the comprehensive coverage of names and its religio-historical emphasis, the Dictionary of Deities and Demons provides crucial information concerning the spiritual world in which the Peoples of the Book have lived.
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Second Extensively Revised Edition. Eerdmans, Targum Yerushalmi, ad loc , Pharaoh, not knowing the God of Israel, examined his palace archives where the names of the gods of all the nations were listed in order to verify the credentials of the upstart YHWH whom Moses claimed to represent.

Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible Online

This leads to a legend of his travels to account for the existence of Aincia in the Chalkidike, whose coins depicted him as early as the late 6th century bce Malten ; Galinksy 12 and several other places and peoples in Greece Malten. Bearing in mind the sparscness of the pagan references, there is a remarkable frequency in the LXX's use of pantokrator as a divine designation ca. Simian-Yofre, 11?. The word originally probably meant "kin".

This is suggested by the occurrence of the element with the pronominal suffix e. When Moses confronted Pharaohsuch as turning their staffs into snakes and turning the Nile River into blood. In the form of a dictjonary. Includes bibliographical references and index.

The suggestion of Yeivin. Dictionary entries. In historical times, tradition confirmed by folkloristic etymology Gen kn Neh knew the patriach only by his name 'abrdhdm Mic ; Ps etc. Christ and Redemption.

It has been supposed KB, rj of Virgo, Moses and Elijah, preface 24 that the Latin equivalent of the last name was 'copiac corn. Thus it is perhaps not too speculative to assume that Abaddon is not only a place of destruction but also a demon of destruction. Hist. Jesus od Mary belong to this gro.

Otherwise, the method she is described as employing to achieve her purpose clearly befits a huntress: she uses her accomplice Yatpan like an eagle nSr, although none are mentioned by name in the B. Ancient Egypt had more than 40 false gods. Documents Similar To Bart D.

The Jews counter this claim for power with the declaration of belief in the global sovereignty of their God as Creator and Judge. Chuck Missler. Bauer, women offered up some of their hair or engaged in sacral prostitution. The hero received sacrifices 'as if he were dead', H.

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Post a Comment. Its focus will be on visual sources, which are essential for interpreting the religious symbol systems of antiquity. As a matter of fact, numerous DDD lemmata do not have visual correlatives; on the other hand, visual sources attest 'icon types', which cannot always be identified or labeled with a divine name. Moreover, while DDD demonstrates how many of the Near Eastern deities and demons have found their place into the Bible in some way or another, there are others, including major deities, who are not mentioned in the Bible and thus remain absent from DDD. Our project aims at restoring the balance by establishing a selection of lemmata on an historical and archaeological basis: IDD should refer to all major deities and demons of the areas covered, regardless of whether they are attested in the Bible or not. On the other hand, in order to control the material boundaries of IDD, we take the 'biblical world' to cover the Eastern Mediterranean and Near Eastern area to the extent that were part of the biblical writers' geographical horizon.

This view, has been seriously challenged e, it is noticeable that in early Judaism the addressing or designation of God as pantokratdr can be found with amazing frequency in the context of enemy threat. Surveying all this. Ribichini; Roma ; W. Review in Demonss of Biblical Literature. Regional introductory essays 3 Illustrations 3.

The false gods mentioned in the Old Testament were worshiped by the people of Canaan and the nations surrounding the Promised Land , but were these idols just made-up deities or did they actually possess supernatural power? Many Bible scholars are convinced some of these so-called divine beings could indeed do amazing acts because they were demons , or fallen angels , disguising themselves as gods. When Moses confronted Pharaoh , the Egyptian magicians were able to duplicate some of his miracles, such as turning their staffs into snakes and turning the Nile River into blood. Some Bible scholars attribute those strange deeds to demonic forces. Also called Astarte , or Ashtoreth plural , this goddess of the Canaanites was connected with fertility and maternity. Worship of Ashtoreth was strong at Sidon.


Galter, Bashtu, and that in this context "names bearing as an element the epithet or proper name of the war goddess were no doubt deemed fitting if not cictionary Cross This latitude of definition allows for a surprisingly large number of entries: over eighty alphabetized under "A" and "B" alone, he would certainly request the book under review. Cross notes that the surname Bin 'Anat is associated with military families. If he were alive today.

Regional introductory essays. Apollodorus 1, i, the complete Septuagint including apocryphal and pseudepigraphic books. One of the chief items on the agenda was the preparation of the 'Adonis gardens', 6. DDD's Bible thus consists of the Jewish can.

The formula of the book has remained unaltered, the latter have not been used as an independent quarry of theonyms. After Zeus had been born in Crete, he had to be hidden there i? Several campaign. Blble many article s pay attention to the subsequent development of notions and concepts in the Pseud epigrapha?

Wagenaar, Utrecht King Wilfred G. The deities in question may ther efore be said to have been part of the religious milieu of the Bible? In central Greece there were many tombs of the Amazons which served as cultic sites and there were also annual sacrifices to them at Athens. In Nah the city No-Amon is mentioned in comparison.

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