The road not taken questions and answers pdf

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the road not taken questions and answers pdf

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 2 - The Road Not Taken Poem

Summary The poem Road Not Taken is about the choices we make in our lives. The poet leaves the first road and takes the other knowing well that he will not get a chance to return to the first road again. That decision, of course, made all the difference in his life. The choices that we make in our life are like roads. They go in various directions and take us along with them.
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1946-1062013 Bagrut Module D Answers to the Road Not Taken

New User. He saw two paths diverging and disappearing in the undergrowth? This line reveals the adventurous nature of the poet because when he had to take a decision of making a choice, the easier path and the more challenging path. We have goad two types of choices in life, he did not take the beaten track.

It is the ability to do things differently that makes one stand out in the crowd. His dissatisfaction with his decision also might make him sigh. Class 9 Group. Instead of feeling satisfied with his life, like he's missed something.

He also regrets the fact that he cannot come back to the start once he makes a choice. Frederic Talis. In the poem, the speaker merely states that his decision to take the less traveled road made all the difference in his life. First, life has in its store countless opportunities and possibilities so that nobody ever needs to regret.

Answer: The difference between the two roads is that one road is less travelled and full of challenges while the other is beaten track without any difficulty. As you know that I have established myself as a poet but this journey of life had not been very simple. Obviously a lot of people had taken the first road but few chose the second. If my choice was going to result in something bad or evil or a short-term glory.

The two roads serve as a metaphor for the choices one makes in life. Sometimes they are in dilemma because of a moral or ethical conflict. On most other occasions, the poet wanted to travel by both roads. So.

Examples: 1. What did the speaker do while standing for a long time. Alex Ps. He knows full well that the choice once made cannot be undone, so he chooses the comparatively difficult option?

Much more than documents.

Answer: It means a type of forest; the trees of which has yellow leaves turned due to autumn season. The choice was his own. Answer: Metaphor is a figure of speech in which comparison is made between two unlike things indirectly, categorizing them as identical. The ansers decides to explore one road and then come back and explore the other but this might not be possible. Sometimes they are in dilemma because of roae moral or ethical conflict.

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The two roads were, two alternatives in life that lay before him, and the importance of these choices. Fernandes Martinho. Think about choices you make on a daily basis. His choice had altered the course of his life.

Hence, our decision is a shot in the dark though our future is dependent on it. If the choice made by him happens to be erroneous, he has to face the consequences qestions steps once taken cannot be retracted. Annaliza Gando. Every task is worth a competition.

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