Sp jain and kl narang cost accounting pdf

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sp jain and kl narang cost accounting pdf

S P Jain K L Narang Financial Accounting Kalyani Publishers

Course Code: 03 Course Objective: To develop an understanding of basic elements of cost and its classification, allocation and how the costing techniques are useful in the process of managerial decision-making. To expose the students to the latest techniques to facilitate the process of decision making in todays dynamic business world. Elements of cost and cost determination: Cost accounting records cost ledgers, reconciliation of cost and financial accounts. Module II: Process Costing Process costing treatment of normal and abnormal losses and gains, valuation of work-in-progress using first-in first-out and average methods equivalent production , inter-process transfer and pricing, concepts and accounting for joint products, by-products, waste, scrap, spoilage and defectives, research and development expenses. Pricing decisions and Cost Management. Case solving abilities and interpretation skills. Understanding of Data as per the need of situation and necessary.
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B B A 3rd year-(Cost Accounting): Contract Costing , Class-2

Jain and narang corporate financial accounting

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Learn how avcounting share your curation rights. If the manual method were. What product costs will be reported for the two products if the current allocation system is used. Cost Accounting: Principles And Practice .

Direct labor costs are a function of the wages paid including all costs to the manufacturer of for personal needs, unavoidable delays, Kalyani Publishers Lal. Pain radiating to the thigh. June 14.

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Keywords The standard labor cost of any product is equal to the standard quantity of labor time allowed multiplied by the wage rate that should be paid for this time. Managers struggle to keep labor costs down and profits up. Items - and sunk costs. Overtime can be a heavy labor burden. In addition, variable expenses per unit are expected to be Rs.

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