Battery questions and answers pdf

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battery questions and answers pdf

Battery: Batteries MCQs with Explanatory Answers

You have to finish following quiz, to start this quiz:. You have reached 0 of 0 points, 0. Cells are connected in series in a circuit in order to increase the:. Primary Cell is one in which the chemical action is irreversible:. The amount of voltage produced by an individual cell is determined by the material it is made of:. As the cell starts discharging its internal voltage decreases:. The state of charge of Lead — Acid battery can be determined by which of the following:.
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Cell and Battery Objective Questions Part-2- Electrical Engg In Hindi -

Electricity questions and answers pdf

Most types of activated carbon will work as anode for aqueous systems. Aconstantvoltagegeneratorhas a minimumefficiency b minimumcurrentcapacity c lowinternalresistance d highinternalresistance Ans:c How can we connect a load in this configuration, it is shown in the figure below. Jump to Page.

Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Whenaleadacidbatteryisinfullychargedcondition,thecolourofitspositiveplateis a darkgrey b brown c darkbrown d noneofabove Ans:c 8. To get the largest battery capacity for a given material, and the qquestions voltage as low as possible. What is the difference between glass fiber membrane e.

Theabovestatementisassociatedwith a Newton'slaw b Faraday'slawofelectromagnetic c Faraday'slawofelectrolysis d Gauss'slaw Ans:c 2. Duringthechargingofaleadacidcell a itsvoltageincreases b itgivesoutenergy c itscathodebecomesdarkchocolatebrownincolour d specificgravityofH2SO4decreases Ans:a.
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Thefollowingindicatethatbatteryonchargehasattainedfullcharge a colourofelectrode b gassing c specificgravity d allabove Ans:d ? Up to now we use a threshold of the slope. If a battery is wrongly connected anzwers charge following will happen a current delivered by the battery will be high b current drawing will be nil c current drawing will be very small d current drawing ansders be very high Ans: d. When the cell recharges, excess electrons go back to the electrolyte? In a single electrolytic cell, about 1.

However there is no device to hold the huge electricity generated during lightning. This series of articles on electrical theory is designed to be a refresher Transformers, motors and fluorescent ballasts are the most common types of inductors. Electrostatics 4. For more study material for class 10 physics please click here - cbse class 10 physics electricity notes. Explain what overloading an electric circuit means.


Thanks you a lot for ur explanation on this topic. Also we know that The number of negative plates in a lead acid cell is one more than the number of queetions plates ; the outside plates being negative. Krishna Das. As compared to a lead-acid cell, the efficiency of a nickel-iron cell is less due to its a compactness b lower e.

Cellsareconnectedinparallelto a increasetheefficiency b increasethecurrentcapacity c increasethevoltageoutput d increasetheinternalresistance Ans:b Is question possible to analyze large area of the sample larger than 's um x 's um by using Auger electron microprobe. Some of the liberated hydrogen clings to the positive plate in primary cell and thus effectively reduces the effective surface of this plate resulting in reduction in the emf of the cell. The effect of B4C addition to MnO2 in a cathode material for battery applications.

I think there is a potential for niche applications, portable. Download pdf electrician multiple choice questions answers in hindi. Not sure what you can do to achieve that in zinc-air system. I am interested to work on Aluminium-Air batteries for energy storage, but many could question whether this is worth all the time and effort.

Satya Narayana. Theeffectofsulphationisthattheinternalresistance a increases b decreases c remainssame d noneoftheabove Ans:a LiFePO4 conductivity. How do I estimate the number of electrons generated for say 'X' concentration of prf.

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  1. Celgard in terms of wettability of electrolyte e. Thebestindicationaboutthestateofchargeonaleadacidbatteryisgivenby a outputvoltage b temperatureofelectrolyte c specificgravityofelectrolyte d noneoftheabove Ans:c. Bsttery a gogglesorotherfaceshield b rubber c rubberbootsandgloves d allabovesafetydevices Ans:d. Current electricity multiple choice questions MCQscurrent electricity quiz answers pdf 1.

  2. During the charging of a lead-acid cell a its voltage increases b it gives out energy c its cathode becomes dark chocolate brown in colour d specific gravity of H2SO4 decreases Ans: a. The capacity of a lead-acid cell does not depend on its a temperature b rate of charge c rate of discharge d quantity of active material Ans: b. During charging the specific gravity of the electrolyte of a lead-acid battery a increases b decreases c remains the same d becomes zero Ans: a. The active materials on the positive and negative plates of a fully charged lead-acid battery are a lead and lead peroxide b lead sulphate and lead c lead peroxide and lead d none of the above Ans: c. 🚵‍♂️

  3. The commercial lead acid cell has 13 plates. The commercial lead acid cell has 15 plates. A lead acid cell has 15 plates. Also we know that The number of negative plates in a lead acid cell is one more than the number of positive plates ; the outside plates being negative. A Battery is a series or parallel combination of electrolytic cells. 👨‍👧

  4. The type of electricity that quesions used to power things we use is called current electricity. In a single electrolytic cell, so that the internal resistance is as low as possib. Sorry; I used an improper word delayed while concluding the answer:. A typical output of a solar cell is a 0.

  5. In all the publications are described the materials used and the parameters adopted for the cyclic voltammetry, but even if I've tried to prepare such kind of cell, Afterwards you will definitely be able to answer all your questions by yourself? Some of these have parameters that have physical significance in terms of the model used. Oct 2.

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