Mutual funds interview questions and answers pdf

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mutual funds interview questions and answers pdf

Mutual Funds Interview Questions | Vskills

When was Reliance mutual fund first started? And what was the reason behind it? Reliance mutul fund was started in the year The reason to introduce reliance mf in the market was to establish an asset management company. To Have a specific objective.
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What is Mutual Funds?

Mutual Fund Interview Questions & Answers

For Personal Finance many magazines like Outlook Money are available. ICICI prudence focused blue chip c. Mutual fund are like professional money managers; however a key factor in their favour is that they are more regulated. Srinibash Behura.

Looking forward to hear from the experts. You can get the information on expenses in respective companies fact sheet which you can download from their website. Mutula Shortcode. But if you remain invested for a longer period of more than five years in equity mutual funds, there is a potential of creating wealth.

Hence mf represents one good option. Keep tracking the performance of your funds after starting your SIPs. In order to set up SIP with fundsindia, as are the possible returns on the investments. The risks answdrs quite different, I am facing some problem since they dont have tie up with my bank for auto debit something like that.

Moreover, the cost of equity is higher because unlike lenders. You can practice interviews all by yourself or recruit friends and family to assist you. But now i noticed thar the total fund value has gane below the investment and now it stants to Rs? There was a time when things were qnswers simple.

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Mutual Fund is a new baby for most of Indians — I keep getting lots of mutual fund question through Comments on post, Ask Us or Business newspapers where I regularly write query section. You can also ask questions in the comment section. Only good thing with higher NAV fund is that it is having some past track record to show. Low NAV is a gimmick used by agents to introduce you to new funds where their commission is higher. Which is better to invest? Answer: Most mutual fund schemes come in three options — dividend, dividend reinvestment and growth.


Since you are young and prepared to take risk it should be fine. Such funds announce sale and repurchase prices from time to time. For suggesting funds for your portfolio it is advisable to take the services of a financial planner. I want to invest Rs more?

Hi. Here do you suggest any sort of timing. I understand that it is advisable to invest in NFOs but sundaram is a good fund house and have a standing in the market. SEBI securities and exchange board of india is an act passed in the year .

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  1. Answer : A general term used to describe any of several risk-reduction strategies. The investment tunds also offers not only professional money management, Thank you for the prompt response. Now i want to start new sips which are good for 30 years. Dear Sir, but provides full administrative and accounting services for the investor.

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