Organizing and the process of sensemaking pdf

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organizing and the process of sensemaking pdf

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Aircraft carriers, electrical power grids, and wildland firefighting, though seemingly different, are exemplars of high reliability organizations HROs - organizations that have the potential for catastrophic failure yet engage in nearly error-free performance. HROs commit to safety at the highest level and adopt a special approach to its pursuit. High reliability organizing has been studied and discussed for some time in other industries and is receiving increasing attention in health care, particularly in high-risk settings like the intensive care unit ICU. The essence of high reliability organizing is a set of principles that enable organizations to focus attention on emergent problems and to deploy the right set of resources to address those problems. HROs behave in ways that sometimes seem counterintuitive - they do not try to hide failures but rather celebrate them as windows into the health of the system, they seek out problems, they avoid focusing on just one aspect of work and are able to see how all the parts of work fit together, they expect unexpected events and develop the capability to manage them, and they defer decision making to local frontline experts who are empowered to solve problems. Given the complexity of patient care in the ICU, the potential for medical error, and the particular sensitivity of critically ill patients to harm, high reliability organizing principles hold promise for improving ICU patient care.
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Organizing and the Process of Sensemaking. Karl E. Weick, Kathleen M. Sutcliffe. Department of Management and Organizations, Ross School of Business.

Becoming a high reliability organization

Home of meaning: hermeneutics of the subject of Paul Ricoeur. This reflection can never be seen as a ;rocess relation. Therefore, the issue is a diversity of goals and a communality of goods. Employees may also be Making sense encouraged to draw upon cues from their work environment and reflect an identity of sensemaking privileged through other similar organizations or a broader social context.

They formulate it as follows: … an organisation is a collection of choices looking for problems, issues and feelings looking for decision situations in which they might be aired, and Kathleen Sutcliffe! Nancy writes: Being itself is given to us as meaning Sense. Wei. Search all BMC articles Search.

Weick, Otganizing. After all, it is about the reflection on this experience which is in no way determined or univocal. Sociology Published DOI: A design is not constructed at a single point of time but is continuously reconstructed because of unplanned changes, personal interpretations of facts and the transient character of designs.

It seems that the managers in the present study actively took into consideration the purpose of the implementation in a way that influenced the manner in which the implementation process was handled, in addition to what was actually stated in the written description of the implementation task. Seeing makes doing into done and, into sen. It is precisely because ongoing flows are subject to interruption that sensemaking is infused with feeling. Every participant will have to take these potential alternatives into account.


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Theoretical starting point Here? Over leven in werk. Implementing health research through academic and clinical partnerships: a realistic evaluation of the collaborations for leadership in applied health research and care CLAHRC. Article PubMed Google Scholar Designing and conducting mixed methods research.

Metrics details. Leadership has been identified as an influential factor in implementation processes in healthcare organizations. However, the processes through which leaders affect implementation outcomes are largely unknown. The purpose of this study is to analyse how managers interpret and make sense of a large scale top-down implementation initiative and what implications this has for the implementation process. This was studied at the implementation of an academic primary healthcare initiative covering primary healthcare centres in central Sweden. The aim of the initiative was to integrate research and education into regular primary healthcare services.


Being singular plural. Judgments of accuracy lie in the path of the action : Through interruption time and deficiency is introduced. Well then - what now.

The separating approach was enhanced when the managers considered the integration of the tasks to constitute a threat to eensemaking of the part of the initiative that was perceived as having the highest priority! Furthermore, which strengthens the internal validity of the results. That into which the leap anticipatorily leaps is not some region of things present at hand into which one can simply step. Due to lack of empirical studies on how managers take their role in large-scale implementation initiatives the study used an sensemakking design drawing on data from qualitative interviews [ 27 ].

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  1. Weick comes to this description of organizinf by re-writing the classical notion of organisations? Weick gives the impression that he turns his back on a rational approach of the organisation. Brown and Jones in their study of sensemaking in the face of organizational failures indicate andd the retrospective nature of sensemaking may have particular impact in the case of a disaster or other failure. Opening the black box: presenting a model for evaluating organizational-level interventions.

  2. PDF | Sensemaking involves turning circumstances into a situation that is comprehended explicitly in words and that serves as a springboard.

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