The happy prince questions and answers pdf

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the happy prince questions and answers pdf

The Happy Prince and Other Tales Questions and Answers | Q & A | GradeSaver

There's another theme I lope that you remmber them please for example the theme appearence and reality ,child labor………… etc. Very interesting information, keep on sharing. It's very hard to be a good writer. First of all, one must be very skillful and educated. Is he really happy? What does he see all around him?
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Class 9th moments ch - 5 The happy prince question and answer with extra questions and word meaning

NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English Moments Chapter 5 The Happy Prince

The swallow decided to stay with him forever and helped the poor by taking the gold off his body and give it to the poor. He rejected his idea to go to Egypt when the Happy Prince became blind. The end the story arouses in us deep sympathy for the two. Why does the Happy Prince send a ruby for the seamstress.

The princes sent his second sapphire to a poor match girl. It did not want to make the Happy Prince blind of one eye. What did the Prince want the swallow to do. The leaden heart of the Prince broke in two.

English Class 9

These solutions for The Happy Prince are extremely popular among Class 9 students for English The Happy Prince Solutions come handy for quickly completing your homework and preparing for exams. Is he really happy? What does he see all around him? When he was alive, he did not know what tears were for he lived in a palace where sorrow was not allowed to enter. However, when he died and was made into a statue, he was not happy and tears flowed down his eyes on seeing the state of his city.


The happy prince was a statue that stood above a tall column, high above the city. This happened because the Prince loved the bird dearly. How did the Swallow show obedience as the greatest virtue of living things. Read more.

Why did he decide not to go there. What did the admirers say in its praise. The son of the seamstress is suffering from fever, it sees the rich enjoying in their houses while the baggers begging pricne their gates. When the swallow flies over the city, but she cannot attend to him.

Why did he finally agree to do it. We can get them by doing things for others. This broke the leaden heart of the statue. In the story, the Happy Prince reached the highest level with his fellow swallows through righteousness.

Why did they fall. She was afraid that her parents would beat her. It also talks about sacrifice towards others. D Egypt.

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