Difference between eigrp and ospf pdf

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difference between eigrp and ospf pdf

Difference between EIGRP and OSPF - GeeksforGeeks

They are often applied in different situations for varied performance on speed, delay, etc. The major difference between these two algorithms lies in how they calculate the shortest routing path. SPF only depends on bandwidth for metric calculation SPF bases on bandwidth to calculate the cost of a particular link, the shortest path is the one with least total cost , while DUAL uses bandwidth and delay to calculate the composite metric with a complex formula. OSPF maintains information about all the networks and running routers in its area. Each time there is a change within the area, all routers need to re-sync their database and then run SPF again. This process makes it more CPU intensive.
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OSPF vs EIGRP Comparison

Open Shortest Path First

Each router has an identifier, customarily written in the dotted decimal format e. This way all betweeen routers do not have to constantly update each other, and can rather get all their updates from a single source. The IS-IS is standardized link-state routing protocol that is an interior gateway protocol for the Internet. This data is stored in three tables: the Neighbour Table, those that are directly accessible vifference those interfaces that are directly connected ; the Topology T.

By Duraisamy A. They did not consider the comparison and analysis of the performance of the betwern redistribution among three different routing protocols in various scenarios on the same network [14, while DUAL uses bandwidth and delay to calculate the composite metric with a complex formula, 16]. It is a more intelligent routing protocol than RIP. SPF only depends on bandwidth for metric calculation SPF bases on bandwidth to calculate the cost of a particular li.

When a link fails or recovers thereafter a set of routers needs to run their routing protocols in order to advertise their routing information with neighbours pspf form the same topological information about their network. The main difference between these protocols is that EIGRP exchanges the complete routing information just one time when the neighbouring routes are established after that it only tracks the changes. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy.

During its course, which helps routers route traffic across links of different bandwidth. Re: diffrence between eigrp and ospf Re: hi guys, i wanna ask about the ospf and eigrp. So, each router conversation transitions through a maximum of eight conditions defined by a state machine: [1] [13]. EIGRP is the only protocol supporting unequal path load balancing, the OSPF follow the below-given pattern to select the path:.

stands for Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol. It is also a hybrid protocol because it uses the features of the both distance vector routing and link-state routing protocol.
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This will cause rapid convergence and reduce the load of routing protocol [3]. Greenberg, "Routing design in operational networks: A xnd from the inside". Namespaces Article Talk. OSPF Version 2.

DRs or BDRs are not elected on point-to-point links such as a point-to-point WAN connection because the two routers on either sides of the link must become fully adjacent and the bandwidth between them cannot be further optimized. Further assume that area 0. OSPF neighbors do not exchange any routing information - the only diffference they exchange are Hello packets.

It uses a link state routing LSR algorithm and falls into the group of interior gateway protocols IGPs , operating within a single autonomous system AS. It implements Dijkstra's algorithm , also known as the shortest path first SPF algorithm. The development work for OSPF prior to its codification as open standard was undertaken largely by the Digital Equipment Corporation , which developed its own proprietary DECnet protocols. Routing protocols like OSPF calculate the shortest route to a destination through the network based on an algorithm. The first routing protocol that was widely implemented, the Routing Information Protocol RIP , calculated the shortest route based on hops, that is the number of routers that an IP packet had to traverse to reach the destination host.


Design is also a critical aspect to consider when selecting routing protocols. OSPF has become a popular dynamic routing protocol. The router type is an attribute of an OSPF process. Maltz, G.

It is basically use for medium to larger size organization in the network. Please note: comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. OSPF : Dijkstra's algortihm. Iegrp newly acquired subsidiary is one example of where it might be suitable for an area to be simultaneously not-so-stubby and totally stubby if the practical place to put an ASBR is on the edge of a totally stubby area?

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