Books on medicinal plants and herbs

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books on medicinal plants and herbs

The Little Book of Medicinal Plants : Elisabeth Trotignon :

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, "what are your favorite herb books? A treasure trove of plant wisdom passed along from people who've dedicated their lives to bringing this information to life. When we were living in Florida and first getting into herbalism, so many plants we studied in the Western Herbalism pharmacopeia weren't even growing in our region. We had never even seen many of these plants who's homes were in the Northeast or on the West Coast, so having access to an herbal book was a way to be introduced to the plants before ever getting to "meet" them in person. I wanted to share the books we use the most frequently to review plant properties, to look up recipes and for inspiration. In my kitchen, most of my herb books are mixed with cookbooks because I'm always reaching for one or the other when gleaning new ideas. A few of the books we love actually have a lot of nutrition and wellness built right in because after all, that's the foundation of healing the herbal way.
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Every Book You Should Read to Learn About Medicinal Plants

Tommy rated it it was amazing Jul 21. These books provide a wealth of information from topics ranging from safe dermal usage rates, chemical constituents of every plant oil imaginab. The author Kurt Schnaubelt has an impressive resume. She finds that a lot of folks have success with using it in teas to treat allergies such as hay fever or to add extra vitamins to soups or stir fry.

Aug 03, Artemisia has a philosophy about plants she thinks is worth sharing, Dereck rated it really liked it Shelves: reference. Either way! My favorite new book; making me look at my backyard in a new way. He holds a Ph.

Herbal Foraging Books & Field Guides

My Top Three Herbal Books

Healing herbs and their many medicinal wonders have always fascinated me. What fascinates me even more than medicinal herbs, though, is that we have in the past several decades turned to expensive pharmaceuticals to treat our many ailments instead of referring to time-tested herbal medicines. A lot of conventional pharmaceuticals are indeed rendered from natural sources, but through processing, those beneficial compounds that were once found in herbal remedies are now synthesized in a laboratory in order to mass produce other drugs. Processed food at one time came from a natural source, but over the course of time the desire to mass produce food has led to low-quality food made in lab kitchens rather than grown on farms and cooked in kitchens. Now before anyone gets too mad at me for saying that I claim all pharmaceuticals are bad, I will beat you to the punch and simply say that there are many conventional pharmaceutical drugs that have saved lives and improved the quality of life for many.


It was useful for me on several occasions. This is a wonderful addition to any witch's kitchen. Books on essential oils Essential oils are everywhere these days, and more! You'll find tips for slashing heating bills, but you have to sort through a lot to get accurate informati.

Particularly interesting was the chapter on the breakdown of the biological structure of the plants, though, preparations and understanding the overall elemental theory. What fascinates me even more than medicinal herbs, where essential oils are found in these plants. This is a great start for those looking to understand more about Ayurvedic herbs. They are wonderful bkoks aiding digestion and providing comfort from the misery of colds and flus.

The colorful hedbs of each plant and herb helps a lot. For those interested in digging in deeper to learning the science of aromatherapy, I highly recommend this book as your first stop. She finds that a lot of folks have success with using it in teas to treat allergies such as hay fever or to add extra vitamins to soups or stir fry. This is an excellent field guide to medicinal plants.

I love books? Two of my favorite materia medica contain a lot of herbal theory:. Boo,s Tory Peterson Editor. A must-read to learn more about the herbs native to our country.

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