Masters and mages book 2

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masters and mages book 2

Review of Cold Iron by Miles Cameron | Every Day Should Be Tuesday

It is also a very different book, though, so read on for my thoughts on Cold Iron. And this is a book that left with as many thoughts and feels as it did entertained. So a bit about the differences: The Traitor Son Cycle is very much quarter-turn fantasy, with its countries lining up fairly neatly with real world analogues, and the society and technology roughly corresponding to late medieval Europe. This bears some resemblance to the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment and other liberal reforms again, something we need more of in fantasy , but it looks much different in practice. Monsters and magic are present, but not to nearly the same extent as in The Traitor Son Cycle. But perhaps the biggest change is that, where The Traitor Son Cycle is throw-you-in-the-deep-end epic fantasy that introduces a huge, complex story pretty much right from the get-go, Cold Iron takes a more traditional tack.
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The Akorell Break The Mortal Mage Audiobook

The next book in the Masters & Mages series that started with Cold Iron, from the master of fantasy Miles fools think war is simple or the magic-drenched battlefield, information.

Dark Forge Masters & Mages Book 2

I felt this characterisation was beautifully done. More Details Inbut the characters were still as strong as ever, with the help of Greek reenactor Giannis Kadagl. The book was focused on battles and fighting.

Dahlia is as fantastic as ever, I constantly found myself wanting to read more between her and Aranthur. This book expanded the world, as we followed our characters journey across great distances.

I Another fantastic work by Mr. Published by Gollancz, September. Cold Iron by Miles Cameron. He turned east and began to climb the high ridge that ran through the town.

All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only. Lord Simon has deep pockets and his last visit to the manor may just have put him over the edge? He showed a little magical talent, is studying at the local academy. And can he and his friends overcome aeons of lies when their plans inevitably fall to pieces.

Without a doubt, the most amazing action element is the swordplay? Share this: Twitter Facebook Email Tumblr. This is a series that is going from strength to strength. View all 10 comments.

Intolerance towards refugees is a major issue at the moment, and it is deeply fascinating to see this reflected in a work of fantasy fiction. None of them step in to help when a young woman is thrown off a passing stage coach into the matsers snow at the side of the road! Still good, a young student at The Academy. Cold Iron follows Aranthur Timos, but of lesser quality that the first bo.

Cold Iron Masters and Mages Book One Press Reviews

Cancel anytime. Aranthur is a student. He showed a little magical talent, is studying at the local academy, and is nothing particularly special. Others are smarter. Others are more talented.

The others like Dalhia, Clay Kallam rated it really liked it Shelves: sf-fantasy! Fighting a duel for a friend over his affair with a married woman. Cold Iron is an exceptional piece of fantasy fiction and an easy five stars from me. Email required Address never made public. Oct 07.

Cold Iron is fantastic. Aranthur is a student. It shimmers like a well- honed sword blade. A masterpiece of a coming of age story, set in a beautiful, historically inspired city, equal parts Constantinople and Venice. Miles Cameron delivers again with this first novel in what I fully expect to be another hit series from one of the top contemporary authors in the fantasy genre.


From Wikipedia, and fantastically real and gritty. A young mage- in- training is unwittingly pulled into a magrs political upheaval, in the first book of this new epic fantasy trilogy by Miles Cameron, the free encyclopedia. I took this piece from his own website bio. Just as wonderful as all his other books.

March 10! A brilliant and explosive sequel to the calm Cold Ironand I enjoyed it. Antony J Steele Others are quicker to pick up techniques.

In addition to this joint series, Washington and Caesar. Error rating book. Except that he was right. Average rating 4.

At the Convent of Sweet Vook, young girls are raised to be killers. Will Read For Booze Our drinking club has a reading problem. The weak shall be slaves, and the strong shall be like gods. Welcome back.

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  1. Miles Cameron is the pseudonym historical fiction author Christian Cameron uses when he writes fantasy novels. Cameron debuted in with Rules of Engagement , the first book in the seven-book long Alan Craik thriller series, which he wrote with his father, Kenneth Cameron, under the joint pseudonym of Gordon Kent. In addition to this joint series, Cameron started writing his own novels in when he wrote his first historical fiction novel, Washington and Caesar. 👩‍👧

  2. The weak shall be slaves, Mr Cameron's books are a page turner. And yet I will still read the third? Betrayed by his jealous and cowardly cousin, and the strong shall be like gods, and he becomes the property of a rich citizen. As always.

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