The ninth hour book club questions and answers

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the ninth hour book club questions and answers

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Writing about nuns is a risky business. Novelty marketers have even gotten in on the act with a miniature mechanical Nunzilla who spits sparks as she waddles menacingly toward the unsuspecting sinner. Known and admired for her portrayal of Irish-American family life, she has now extended her range and deepened it, allowing for more darkness, more generous lashings of the spiritual. The setting is Irish Brooklyn, beginning early in the 20th century, although we make brief stops up the Hudson and catch glimpses of the American Civil War. The action begins with an almost careless, cavalier suicide by a young subway worker whose wife, Annie, is pregnant with their first child. An expert at gaming the system, which is in the hands of Irish Catholic men, she almost succeeds in outwitting the priests by arranging for a Catholic burial, denied to suicides.
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Alice McDermott - The Ninth Hour

A Conversation With the Novelist

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What strengths and faults have each of them brought to their life together. What do we know about Sally and Patrick's married ife. What is the tonic. This book absolutely blew my mind.

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The Ninth Hour

The nuns reject her. Yet their styles and outcomes are very different. What I was not prepared to discover, or to rediscover, was that they were questions for which the Church also provided answers. The Ninth Hour feels painfully real, the lives of its characters authentically messy. Salvation is just out of their reach. The scene is somehow surreal and precise: Jim walks with the hose, reminiscing about Annie, and about how he has recently lost his job.

Thus begins the story of Annie, the new widow, old age and death, relatable characters make this collection of tales a winner. This is a book to savor with its rich cast of characters, and it will make you want to see this complex country yourself. By Jay Nordlinger. Raw. The novel follows Sally through her chi.

See Featured Authors Answering Questions. To ask other readers questions about The Ninth Hour , please sign up. Answered Questions This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [What was the sin Sister Jeanne refers to at the end of the book? Does it have something to do with her knowing Sally was prepared to kill Mrs Costello? Carol This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ I don't know if it was the pieces of apple, but it was definitely my impression that something in the applesauce killed her, that Sister Jeanne did it …more I don't know if it was the pieces of apple, but it was definitely my impression that something in the applesauce killed her, that Sister Jeanne did it intentionally, that Sally didn't have a chance to give Mrs. Costello the alum that she had spooned up from the bottom of the tea, and that Sister Jeanne knew Sally had put something in the tea and got in between her and Mrs.

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  1. By Nick Ripatrazone. Whenever you got in trouble, you'd set off the smart bomb and wipe out a huge swarm of aliens at once. What kind of Catholic is Liz Tierney. We see very little of their formal religious life?

  2. Despite his suicide in the opening pages, Annie's husband, Jim, remains a presence throughout THE NINTH HOUR. He abandons his.

  3. If you see a book you want to read, just click the title to toss it into your cart — or come see us in the store! No one does a better job than Alice McDermott. This one is moving and beautifully written. 🤔

  4. Our Reading Guide for The Ninth Hour by Alice McDermott includes Book Club Discussion Questions, Book Reviews, Plot Summary-Synopsis and Author Bio.

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