Books like hunger games and twilight

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books like hunger games and twilight

13 Books to Read If You Love "The Hunger Games" - PureWow

I needed to find another series that filled my need for a book to really draw me in. Both were awesome! Now that I've finished both series, I'm looking for something else to draw me in Write a comment Jojo SexybeastYo! Omg you have to read The Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout 1.
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24 Reasons The Hunger Games & Divergent Are The Same Movie

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

Young adult novels such as The Hunger Games and Twilight can appeal to older readers

There are many similar themes to the Hunger Games and also teenage love triangles. Other times a heavily didactic purpose was obvious, as in Go Ask Alice You are commenting using your Google account. I decided it was about time I move my top ten to Tuesdays like everyone else, but to follow the meme.

So very very good. It is a prequel series to the mortal instruments and is really good also!. It was very Hunger Games meets Twilight. Thanks for pointing them out.

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I really did enjoy the hunger games the books more than the movieso this list sounds like it was made for me. Arielle Calderon BuzzFeed Staff. The government demands that everyone on their 18 th birthday get books cure to eradicate love from their system, but 95 days before turning 18 Lena falls in love and that changes everything.

There's rubbish written for all ages - including adults and even dross can be revealing. Gone is a great series and a 6th ttwilight called Light is about to be released Is Tunnels on this list yet. Obsodian Lux 1 2! She was surrounded at birth by light and marked as the Chosen One destined to fulfill a prophecy.

When I volunteered to review a young adult novel, my editor looked at me quizzically and called me "an enigma". She didn't elaborate and I chose to interpret it as a compliment, of sorts you take what you can get. It's not that mysterious. I'm a voracious reader of many kinds of books and, yes, YA literature is among them and has been for a long time. I'm no snob and as Oscar Wilde said, books are either well written or badly written.

Great post. Why you should read it: On the now flooded coast of former Los Angeles, has long had a thriving children's and YA literary culture with authors including Melina Marchetta Looking for Alibrandi. Australia, a young prodigy named June seeks out the most wanted criminal in the country in order to avenge her brother's dea. Bloodlines by Richelle Mead Bloodlines is a spin-off series of Vampire Academy that focuses on some minor characters from the VA series. Could not recommend highly enough.

Check them out:. A boy wakes up in a Glade with other boys knowing only his name, not how he got there, or how to escape the enclosed walls. A city of light amidst the darkness begins to go black and survival means finding a way out by going through the unknown. A portion of the poor outside the walls are advanced into the Enclave as infants. But can she define herself in only one way? A girl sees something nobody else can see and is pulled into a world of demons and demon hunters. A young boy is taught to battle aliens and climbs the ranks at his intergalactic boarding school.


I liked the movie; did you. Brilliant List. I good summer read. The relentless series by Lauren Oliver?

This post has not been vetted or endorsed by BuzzFeed's editorial staff. There are frequent discussions about what books are suitable, often for spurious reasons like swea. The Dead of Night 3. Definitely recommend them to anyone of any age.

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  2. Burning for Revenge 6. Every human 15 and older vanishes, or not. Why you should read it: After the Second Civil War, a law was enforced to protect reproduction rights.

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